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Women and Auto Racing: A Brief Guide: Clippings File

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File

The Stock Car Racing Collection maintains a large clippings file covering hundreds of topics. Folders of clippings on women and motorsport include women who are drivers, fans, pit crew members, track owners, media members, wives, and more. See folders on the following topics:

Allison, Judy
Allison, Liz
Anderson, Becca
Anderson, Shelly

Bessey, Nancy
Bower, Nicole

Christian, Sara
Cramer, Ann
Crocker, Erin

Drivers, Female
Duncan, Allison

Early, Wanda Lund
Earnhardt, Teresa
Enders, Erica

Fans, Female
Fisher, Sarah

George, Jill
Glass, Cheryl
Gordon, Tina
Guthrie, Janet

Harwell, Susan
Harnell, Verta
Hulman, Mari

Johnson, Flossie
Johnson, Ruby L.
Johnson, Tina

Kasten, Becca
Kennedy, Lesa France
Kirk, Tammy Jo
Kizer, Catherine "Cat"

Leonard, Marta
Lilly, Betty
Lilly, Judy

Mais, Elfrieda
Mims, Donna Mae
Minorities in Racing
Mobley, Ethel Flock
Moise, Patty
Murphy, Paula
Muzny, Candace

NASCAR--Diversity Programs
Nussbaum, Pam

Passmore, Christi
Patrick, Danica
Petty, Lynda
Pit Crew Members, Female

Renshaw, Deborah
Robinson, Shawna

Sather, Natalie
Schulz, Karen
Sexual Discrimination
Shahan, Shirley
Sharp, Linda
Simon, Dianne
Skelton, Betty
Smith, Louise
St. James, Lyn
Stellfox, Mares
Sutton, Kelly

Taylor, Anita
Teel, Diane
Tobias, Dianne
Trophy Queens
Tyler, Lois

Vaughn, Linda
Venturini, Wendy

Wheeler, Patti
White, Jenny
Whitehurst, Amy
Willard, Tammy
Williams, Deb
Williams, Lisa
Wilskey, Shawna
Wilson, Angie
Wilson, Desire
Winston Cup Wives Auxiliary
Women in Racing
Women's Auxiliary of Motorsports
Wood, Vicki





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