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Women and Auto Racing: A Brief Guide: Books

Racer Danica Patrick

Women in Auto Racing: Selected Books

Allison, Liz. NASCAR Wives: The Women Behind the Sunday Drivers. StockCar GV1032 A1 A45 2002.

Benson, Michael. Women in Racing. StockCar GV032 A1 B38 1997.

Bouzanquet, Jean-Francois. Fast Ladies: Female Racing Drivers, 1888-1970. StockCar GV1032 A1 B782 2009.

Golenbock, Peter. NASCAR Confidential: Stories of Men and Women Who Made Stock Car Racing Great. StockCar GV1029.9 S74 G656 2004.

Goodwin, Carl. They Started in MGs: Profiles of Sports Car Racers of the 1950s. StockCar GV1032 A1 G65 2011.

Guthrie, Janet. Janet Guthrie: A Life at Full Throttle. StockCar GV1032 G87 A3 2005.

Howell, Mark, and John D. Miller, eds. Motorsports and American Culture: From Demolition Derbies to NASCAR. StockCar GV1019.5 U6 M68 2014. See the chapter on Louise Smith.

Ingram, Jonathan. Danica Patrick: America's Hottest Racer. StockCar GV1032 P38 I54 2005.

McCarthy, Todd. Fast Women: The Legendary Ladies of Racing. StockCar GV1032 A1 M385 2007.

Moss, Pat. The Story So Far. StockCar GV1032 M59 K56 1967.

Muldowney, Shirley. Shirley Muldowney's Tales from the Track. StockCar GV1032 M76 A3 2005.

Nystrom, Elsa A. Mad for Speed: The Racing Life of Joan Newton Cuneo. Also available in paper, StockCar GV1032 C84 N97 2013.

NASCAR Trials & Triumphs: True Stories of NASCAR Men & Women Who Overcame Tough Obstacles to Find Success. StockCar GV1032 A1 N27 1999.

Obert, Genevieve. Prince Borghese's Trail: 10,000 Miles Over Two Continents, Four Deserts, and the Roof of the World in the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. StockCar GV1029.2 )34 1999.

Olney, Ross R. Janet Guthrie, First Woman at Indy. StockCar GV1032 G87 O46 1978.

Patrick, Danica. Danica: Crossing the Line. StockCar GV1032 P38 A3 2006.

Porsche Ladies. StockCar TL215 P75 P667 2010.

Rainey, Joy. Fast Lady: My Life in Motorsport. StockCar GV1032 R37 A3 2004.

Rosenstock, Barb. Ferless: The Story of Racing Legend Louise Smith. StockCar GV1023 S65 R67 2010.

Seymour, Miranda. Bugatti Queen: In Search of a French Racing Legend. StockCar GV1032 N53 S49 2004.

St. James, Lyn. Ride of Your Life: A Race Car Driver's Journey. StockCar GV1032 S73 A3 2002.

Steffensen. Ingrid. Fast Girl: Don't Brake Until You See the Face of Good and Other Good Advice from the Racetrack. Also available in paper, StockCar GV1032 S736 A3 2012.

TP-Jamieson, Susan. Women in Motorsports from 1945. StockCar Ref GV1032 A1 T63 2003.

Turner, Stuart. Harnessing Horsepower: The Pat Moss Carlsson Story. StockCar GV1032 C32 T87 2011.

Vaughn, Linda. Linda Vaughn: The First Lady of Motorsports. StockCar GV1032 V28 A3 2016.

Wilson, Alan. Driven by Desire: The Desire Wilson Story. StockCar GV1032 W55 W56 2011.

Wireman, Billy Overton. Women of Thunder, Tracks and Trucks: How a Determined Mother and Her Courageous Daughters Saved Two Family Businesses. StockCar GV1032 D48 W57 1998.

Wood, Denise. NASCAR Women. StockCar GV1032 A1 W63 2003.


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