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Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976): Materials in Chinese Language

Books in Chinese Language

1.  “文化大革简史 / 席宣,金春明著,北京中共党史出版社, 1996

    Brief History of the Cultural Revolution

2. 一百个人的十年 / 冯骥才著,北京:文化艺术出版社, 2016

    A Hundred People's Ten Years

3. 历史拒绝遗忘: 清华十年文革回忆反思集 / 孙怒涛主编,香港 : 中国文化传播出版社, 2015

    History Refuses Forgetting: Qinghua's Ten-Year Cultural Revolution Recollections Set

4.文革在中國歷史的定位 / 薛遒著, 台北 : 博客思出版事業網, 2015

    Position of the Cultural Revolution in Chinese History
5. 家国十年 : 1966-1976 : 一个红色少女的日记 / 张新蚕著北京 : 作家出版社, 2012

    Decade of China : 1966-1976 : Diary of a Red Girl

6. 良知的拷问 : 一个清华文革头头的心路历程 / 孙怒涛, 香港 : 中国文化传播出版社, 2013

    Torture of Consciousness : Journey of A Group Leader for the Qinghua Cultural Revolution

7. 我的“文革”岁月 / 陈小津著, 北京 : 中央文献出版社, 2009

     My Experiences during the "Cultural Revolution" Years

8. 文革演义. 上、中、下 / 吉春编著, 北京 : 作家出版社, 2008

    Evolving of the Cultural Revolution: Beginning, During, After.

9. 沧桑十年 : 共和国内乱的年代 : 1966-1976 / 马识途著,北京 : 中共中央党校出版社, 2006

    A Decade of Vicissitudes: The Age of Civil Strife in the Republic : 1966-1976

10. 历史的见证 : “文革”的终结 / 薛庆超著, 北京 : 人民出版社, 2008

      Historical Witness: The End of the Cultural Revolution

11. 我们都经历过的日子 / 季羡林主编,北京 : 北京十月文艺出版社, 2001

    The Days We all Experienced

12. 中国20世纪全史 : 1966~1976. 第9卷, 动乱年代/ 李作民等著,北京 : 中国青年出版社, 2001

     The History of the 20th Century in China: 1966-1976. Vol.9, The Year of Turmoil

13. 被“革命”的教育 : “文化大革命”中的“教育革命” /郑谦著,北京 : 中国青年出版社, 1999

      Being "Revolutionized" Education: "Educational Revolution" in the "Cultural Revolution"

14. “文化大革命”中的“教育革命” / 周全华著,广州 : 广东教育出版社, 1999

      The "Education Revolution" during the "Cultural Revolution"

15. 文化大革命的起源 :  第一卷 : 人民内部矛盾 : 1956-1957 / 麦克法夸尔,罗著 ; 文化大革命的起源翻译组译,石家庄 : 河北人民出版社, 1989

     The Origins of the Cultural RevolutionContradictions Among the People, 1956-1957, Volume 1

16. 文化大革命的起源: 第二卷 : 大跃进 : 1958-1960 / 麦克法夸尔,罗著 ; 魏海生等译,北京 : 求实出版社, 1990

    The Origin of the Cultural Revolution: Volume Two: The Great Leap Forward : 1958-1960

17. 文化大革命的起源: 第三卷:浩劫的来临: 1961-1966 /麦克法夸尔,罗著, 香港:新世纪, 2012

    The Origin of the Cultural Revolution: Volume Three: The Coming of the Cataclysm 

18. 深入进行彻底否定“文化大革命”的教育 / 上海人民出版社编, 上海 : 上海人民出版社, 1985

     Completely Reject the Education of the "Cultural Revolution"

19. 无产阶级文化大革命的伟大胜利万岁 / 陕西人民出版社编著, 西安 : 陕西人民出版社, 1970

     Long live the Great Victory of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

20. 把无产阶级文化大革命进行到底 / 《红旗》杂志编辑部编著, 北京 : 人民出版社, 1967

     Carry Out the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to the End

21. 文化大革命永放光芒 : 纪念中共中央一九六六年五月十六日《通知》十周年 / 《解放军报》编辑部著, 人民出版社, 1976

  The Cultural Revolution will Shine Forever: Commemorate the Tenth Anniversary of the "Notice" of the CPC Central Committee on May 16, 1966

Note: You can find most of these books at a provincial public library or a university library in China.

Websites and Videos in Chinese Language



   The Cultural Revolution--Wikipedia 


  The Cultural Revolution--Baidu Science 

3. 中国文化大革命大事记和图片集--美国之音

   Collection of Important Events and Photos of the China's Cultural Revolution--Voice of America 

4. 胡平:毛泽东为什么发动文化大革命?(上)

Hu Ping: Why did Mao Zedong Launch the Cultural Revolution? (1)

5. 胡平:毛泽东为什么发动文化大革命?(下)

Hu Ping: Why did Mao Zedong Launch the Cultural Revolution? (2)

6. 新闻专题:文革五十年--BBC 中文网

    News Feature: 50 Years of the Cultural Revolution--BBC Chinese Site

7. 关于文化大革命,你了解多少?--德国之声中

    How Much do you Know about the Cultural Revolution--Voice of Germany Chinese Site

8. 文化大革命”--人民网

    The Cultural Revolution--People's Net

9. 人民日报:以史为鉴是为了更好前进   

   People's Daily: Taking history as a Mirror for Better Advancement


10毛泽东发动文革来龙去脉--BBC 中文网 

  Ins and Outs of how Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution--BBC Chinese Site 


 Recording of the Cultural Revolution 

12. 文革十年纪录片1966-1976年全集合成版--美国之音

  Ten Years of Documentary Film of the Cultural Revolution Completed in 1966-1976--Voice of America

13.文革五十年特别报道, 解码五一六--美国之音

  Special Report of the 50th Anniversary Cultural Revolution--Voice of America 


   Reflection on the 50 Years Cultural Revolution Series: Peak of Mob Politics--RFA


    Reflections on the 50 Years of the Cultural Revolution: Scholars' Comments on the History and Reality of the Cultural Revolution--RFA

16. 焦点对话:文革专题之一:文革成因,并不简单的话题?--美国之音

    Focus Dialog: The Cultural Revolution Theme One: Causes of the Cultural Revolution, Not a Simple Topic?--Voice of America

17. 焦点对话:文革专题之二:文革受害者,中国的“犹太人群体”?--美国之音

    Focus Dialog: The Cultural Revolution Theme Two: The Victims of the Cultural Revolution, China's "Jewish Community"?--Voice of America

18. 焦点对话:文革专题之三:文革遗风,至今笼罩中国?--美国之音 

Focus Dialog: The Cultural Revolution Theme Three: Has the Legacy of the Cultural Revolution still Shrouded China?--Voice of America

19. 高华: 毛泽东何以发动文革?"--南京大学历史系教授

    Gao Hua: Why did Mao Zedong Launch the Cultural Revolution?-- Professor of History, Nanjing University

20. 没有航标的河流--电影 

  River Without Buoys--Movie 

 Workers on a wooden raft in a river with buoys, fleeing the chaos of Cultural Revolution. Although the river is dangerous, it was still far safer than  life on land, where political danger are far more deadly. The raft was the only paradise that was not polluted by the political turmoil, and on its way, workers picked up several refugees, including the ex-girlfriend of the captain, and the current husband of the ex-girlfriend, who was persecuted by Red Guards. To make matters worse, they were approaching the most dangerous section of the river and weather is turning bad, what lies ahead? Can they survive? Can they escape the political turmoil if they survived the natural disaster?

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