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Human Development and Psychological Counseling: General Library Info

Counseling Related Articles

Go to our Databases page for our suggested list of Counseling related resources. Scan the descriptions to choose the resource that fits best with your topic/research.

Using Reference Sources

Reference sources (online or in print) provide a useful overview of a topic. Encyclopedias are a great place to get ideas for a topic, to start researching a topic, or if you just need a broad overview.

In Belk Library, books listed as located in "ASU Reference" will be found on the 1st floor of Belk Library. These items are for use in the library only.

When doing a book search in the catalog, you can limit under location to ASU Reference.

Citation Management

Tips for Graduate Students

Evaluating Online Resources - CRAP Test

The internet contains valuable information such as educational (.edu) and government (.gov) sites and open access scholarly material. It also contains questionable and inaccurate material. Carefully evaluate online sources using the following criteria:

Currency - Is the information dated and is the date appropriate for your topic? Look for published, copyright or last updated date.

Reliability - Is the information something you can trust? Who is the publisher and are there links to their sources?

Authority - Who is providing the information? Look for the author and their credentials.

Purpose and Point of View - Why is this information on the internet? Who is the intended audience, what is the purpose/bias?


Inter-Library Loan

Did you click on the "Find@ASU" button and we didn't have the full-text of the article you wanted? If there is a specific article that Belk Library does not have, you can request it through inter-library loan. We will ask for the article from another library and it will be emailed to you.

Choose option 3 to request through inter-library loan and the information from your article will populate the fields. Fill in the required information and that's it! Note that the first time you request an inter-library loan, you will need to set up a new account.

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