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Sociology: Books

A guide for doing research in sociology.

Browsing Books

Books in Belk Library are organized by the Library of Congress Classification, meaning that books are organized by topic. If you would like to browse, go to the following sections:

HM = Sociology (Located on the 2nd floor)

Here are some specifics:

Subclass HM - Sociology

HM435-477 History of sociology. History of sociological theory

HM461-473 Schools of sociology. Schools of social thought

HM481-554 Theory. Method. Relations to other subjects

HM621-656 Culture

HM661-696 Social control

HM701 Social systems

HM706 Social structure

HM711-806 Groups and organizations

HM756-781 Community

HM786-806 Organizational sociology. Organization theory

HM811-821 Deviant behavior. Social deviance

HM826 Social institutions

HM831-901 Social change

HM1001-1281 Social psychology

HM1041-1101 Social perception. Social cognition Including perception of the self and others, prejudices, stereotype

HM1106-1171 Interpersonal relations. Social behavior

HM1176-1281 Social influence. Social pressure

How to Search the Library Catalog

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