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Continuity of Music Library Services: Reserves

Reserves and Covid-19

Reserves and Covid-19

To ensure the health and safety of library staff and patrons the library will seek to provide online versions of course materials and texts whenever possible.  For items in which no online version exists, the library will still provide access to these materials at the Music Library Circulation Desk and take necessary precautions in handling the materials and providing access to students.

Reserves - for students

How do I access my professor's reserve materials?

Do a search by your professor's name in the catalog.

Electronic reserves are accessible by logging in with your ASU credentials.

Physical materials must be accessed in the Music Library.  If you are unable to come in to the Music Library, please contact us for assistance.

Reserves - for faculty

We strongly encourage faculty to evaluate current and permanent reserves for online access. 

  • Because of the nature of reserves use, physical reserves will have no quarantine period.  We will provide gloves for anyone who wishes to use them.

  • Please use this form to request scanning of library materials or personal items for electronic reserves.

What materials can be placed on reserve?

  • Books, scores, and audio/visual materials from the library collection.

  • Personally-owned books, scores, audio discs, and videos. Audio discs and videos must be original; duplications will not be allowed.

  • Instructor-prepared items such as sample exams or quizzes, lecture notes, and homework assignments.

  • Electronic selections from books or journals that meet copyright guidelines for fair use. Journal articles available through the library databases will be shared with the professor/instructor via email.

What materials cannot be placed on reserve?

  • Interlibrary loan materials.

  • Reference books.

  • Bound journals or single issues of periodicals.

  • Course packs.

  • Consumables, such as standardized tests.

How do I see my class reserves?

To see what items are currently active on your reserves, enter your name in the search box here.

How do I make a request for reserves?

You can submit requests electronically or by printing and submitting this form to the Music Library staff . We also have paper forms available at the desk. Alternatively, you may email a Microsoft Word document or PDF to Jill Eller listing all the items in your request.

For additional questions, please contact Gary Boye or Jill Eller via email or by leaving a message at 828-262-2388.

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