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ENG 3240 World Literature for Children: Books and E-books

IMC Resources

The IMC book lists cover a range of countries and cultures including:

  • Africa & African Americans in Children's Literature 
  • African Culture in Children's LIterature
  • Asia & Asian Americans in Children's Literature
  • Cajun Literature for Children 
  • Cinderella Stories Around the World 
  • Hispanic Americans in Children's Literature 
  • Hispanic History and Culture
  • Immigration Stories 
  • International Films for Grades K-8 
  • Jewish Americans in Children's Literature 
  • Middle East and Arab Americans in Children's Literature 
  • World Religions in Children's Literature 

Click on the Cultures or Genres: Traditional Literature list to find books on your country.



Advanced search


To get the full text of articles, try both the Find@Appstate link and the article title, or contact a librarian for assistance.

Searching Strategies for the Catalog and AppSearch

For nonfiction materials about your country or cultural group enter the country, culture, or group name

                  Example:   Japan    or   Japanese Americans

                  You can also use the subject heading:  Country Name – Social Life and Customs


For fiction books about your country or cultural group enter the country name or cultural group name and the word fiction

                  Example:   Japan fiction    or Japanese American* fiction


For traditional literature about your country or cultural group enter the keyword “folklore” and the name of the country

                  Example: folklore Japan

You can also use the subject heading “folklore—Japan”


For information about holidays and festivals enter the terms “holidays” or “festivals.” You can also enter your cultural group and the term “festivals”.

                  Examples: Holidays -- Japan (This is a subject search)

                                 Latino festivals  (This is a keyword search)

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