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First Year Seminar Support Guide: Finding Articles, etc.

University Library: Articles+

Your two primary options for finding articles are 1) using our single-search portal, APPsearch, which searches many of our most popular research databases at once; or 2) identifying individual research databases to search. Both options are available 24/7 via our website.

To maximize productivity, before you use any of our tools, be as prepared as possible with a list of search terms and a specific idea of what you're trying to find. 

  • APPsearch is accesssible via the searchbox on our homepage and is the default search.
  • Individual databases are accessible via the the Databases page on our website. The are organized by the type of source they feature, by name, or by the subject areas with which they're associated.

If you need an article we don't have, request it via interlibrary loan.

Here is a tutorial on using APPsearch to find articles. For individual databases, you can apply much of what is covered in the APPsearch tutorial as the features are similar from database to database. If you need help, contact a librarian!


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