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Library Modules Resource Guide for FYS Faculty: Using the Library Modules + Additional Resources

Using the Library Modules

Using the Library Modules

All four modules are required and should be assigned when students are beginning to conduct research for their assignment. 

The FYS Library Modules are available via AsULearn and is a separate course linked to all sections of UCO1200, HON 1515, WRC1103. The course is accessible to faculty who teach those courses - each of you has a "Teacher" role in this library course, please do not change or edit the content in any way. 

Preview the course and all materials and consider how you will incorporate the information literacy content. Include information about the Library Modules on your syllabus, including directions for when you want students to begin using the course and the due date for completion.


The course assessment is pass/fail based on completion of the Library Modules and should be worth at least 5% of your final course grade or factored into your course research assignment grade. 

If a student completes all four modules, they get a score of 100% in the gradebook. Basically, the grade is tied to 'viewing' each module from beginning to end. While it is possible for a student to complete some modules (with corresponding gradebook scores being 25, 50, and 75, respectively, for the number of modules completed), we ask that you make clear in your syllabus and other relevant course materials that anything less than completion of all four will equal a score of 0% for the assignment.

If you use the grade book in AsULearn, leave space for the completion score. The default score is 100, which can be scaled to any value.

Interested in an additional assessment option? Try this set of activities in your class.

For more on First Year Seminar Library Modules assessment, read our comprehensive assessment plan.



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