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BIO 4700 Genetic Engineering - Capstone: Find Articles

A Biology capstone experience in a seminar format. Students will be expected to read seminal articles, monographs, and books from the scientific literature, prepare synthesis papers.

Database Intermarriage

Notice that Zoo. Record, BioAbs, Web of Science, and Medline are all part of a larger sphere called the Web of Knowledge.  You may search all of them at-once by choosing ALL DATABASES.


These databases index journals articles....

Search Google Scholar

Boolean Logic

Boolean Searching allows you to combine words or phrases using the words AND, OR, NOT. These are called Boolean Operators. One way to think about how they will retrieve search results for you, is in the diagram below:

clip art of Boolean Operators and, or, not.

Using the Advanced Search feature inside of Google Scholar, can also assist you in performing Boolean Searching. It can help you to make determinations when to search whole phrases of information. For example: gene cloning and "gene cloning" are two different ways to search. By not including quotations you are essentially telling the search engine to find any result with these two words. The words will not necessarily be together, and will return substantially more results than if you were to combine the words with quotations. Using quotations keeps your search terms together and searches by an exact phrase.

FigShare for Representative Images

In looking for representative figures, or other diagrams, try your search terms in FigShare. You can narrow your searching here by selecting Figure on the left side of the page.

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