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BIO 4700 Genetic Engineering - Capstone: Home

A Biology capstone experience in a seminar format. Students will be expected to read seminal articles, monographs, and books from the scientific literature, prepare synthesis papers.

Biology Student Evolution

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Welcome - BIO 4700 - Getting Started


This is a Library Guide to help you in your BIO capstone.  Think of it as Batesian mimicry lessons.  Biology students are vulnerable to various types of predation.  In Batesian mimicry, an edible species looks like an inedible or unpalatable one and is avoided by predators.  Biology students are very tasty to predators such as time loss; important, but unknown methodology; missed opportunity, etc.  Librarians are usually unpalatable to this predation.  If you can mimic a librarian in parts of your capstone work, you will be less subject to predation.

Off-Campus Access

You will often have the greatest success reaching full-text if you are On-Campus when using Library resources. The article owner (the publisher we lease the information from) sees you are coming from an ASU IP address (we pay the bills) and lets you in to their for-fee content.

The second best off-campus success is to begin by going to the Library homepage  or list of databases or this guide.  If you are going to Google Scholar definitely enter via the library's link (gold tab on the homepage) to get full-text where it is available.  As you search, you will encounter a box asking you to log-in with your email login for with your Last Name and Banner ID.  You can locate your Banner ID number on AppalNet.

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