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BIO 3314 - Comparative Vertebrate Zoology: Home

Vertebrate Evolution

A cartoon showing the evolution of students from a chimp to protohumans to a person sitting with a laptop computer.

Welcome - BIO 3314 - Getting Started


This is a Library Guide to help you in BIO 3314 aka Comparative Vertebrate Zoology, being the origin, evolution, anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, and natural history of vertebrates.

Where to begin?

  • Know your assignment & what kind of resources you need (books, articles, web sites, etc.)
  • about your topic (write down as many key words as possible searching for information). Brainstorm first.
  • Try broader, narrower, variant spellings, or related terms:
    • bird* / aves / avian
    • fish* / salmo / trout
    • conodont* / dentation / teeth

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