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Welcome transfer students!

August 2020 -- We now have an augmented reality tour of the library, the physical library.  (There's a whole other electronic library.)  Get the Assemblr app for your phone.  Or visit the technology or service desks in the library and ask for the iPad that has it loaded.

Top 10 Things That Transfer Students Might Want to Know

Photo of atrium of library   Welcome to the Belk Library.

1. How do you log in for Library resources and account information?

To access electronic resources from off campus, you'll be given a log-in page.  On the left side, enter your AppalNet user name and password.

To look at your Library record, use "My Account," on the right side of

2. When is the Library open?

The Library's website and electronic resources are always available.  (You can chat or report problems at any time.)

Click on "Hours," in the middle of, under the gold APPsearch box.

During the Fall Semester, the Library is open most days 7:30am to 11pm.  24/5, that is, we only close Friday night and Saturday night.

3. Can I get help?

Of course, Library staff are ready to help you.  If you're off campus, consider using the chat box on many of our webpages.  If you're in the building, ask at our service desks or stop one of our student-workers.  Ways to ask.

You can also request a RAP session with a librarian to learn more about how to approach your research.  Click on the "RAP sessions" button on top left of  (The request form asks about your topic and times you can meet.)

The Library has a librarian assigned to every academic department and major.  Find out who yours is.  Check subject pages like this, but we also have this list.  You can contact librarians directly too.

And we will be having special workshops for transfer students in the coming months.  Look for them.

4. Do you have good places to study or work with my group?

The Library has a lot of good spots.  The 3rd Floor is our QUIET STUDY floor and it really is quiet most of the time.

The Library has lots of group study rooms.  You can reserve a room for up to 4 hours.  Click on "Book a Study Room."

Food and drink are allowed, except on the 4th Floor.  Drinks must have a top on them.  Also, please take it easy on our housekeeping staff.

5. Do you have tech help and tech devices?

Absolutely, we have great tech staff to help you with tech questions, small and large.  This means anything from saving your lost file to helping you on your multimedia project.

Check out the Tech Desk (lots of devices!) the Inspire Maker Lab, and the Digital Media Studio, on the Lower Level.

6. What I really need is a job.  Do you hire students?

The Library hires lots of students.  But it's competitive for non-Work-Study positions.  Apply now.

7. What's so special about the Library?

The Belk Library is like a lot of academic libraries.  We have lots of people trying to figure out what you need.  We have lots of spaces, services, computers, books, and electronic resources.

We also have what we call Special Collections.  The Music Library is across campus at the School of Music.  The IMC serves the College of Education and is on the Lower Level.  Perhaps most special, the Appalachian Collection, Rare Books, Archives, and Stock Car Collection are on the 4th Floor.

8. Bring your AppCard, if you want to check out computers, books, DVDs, and other stuff.  We really require the card.

9.  How do I find articles and books?

There are lots of ways, but try APPsearch, on our main page (  It has the same interface you'll be using for CINAHL, PsycINFO, SPORTdiscus, and other subject-specific databases.  Actually, it includes them all, books, ebooks, and other databases too.

10.  I want to print.  How do you do that?

How to printPharos print station and printing mobile details.  The short version: First, put a few dollars on your AppCard at our kiosks, on 1st Floor of the Library.  Second, your print job will go to all our printers.  You can just walk over to the nearest, swipe your card, identify your job, and enter your password.

Welcome to Appalachian!

How to Videos

Wondering what terms such as peer review, primary source, or annotated bibliography mean?

These short (1-3 minute) tutorials are designed to help you get started with your research and familiarize you with library services and resources.