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Basic Reference Tools, Journals, and Web Sites


The following titles will be useful in tracking down information about the solo voice and its literature.

  • Clifton, Keith E. Recent American art song: a guide. (Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2008). Music Reference ML128.S3 C65 2008
  • Coffin, Singer and Delattre. Word-by-Word Translations of Songs and Arias. Ref. ML 54.6 .W65
  • DeCharms and Breed. Songs in Collections: An Index. Ref. ML 128 .S3 D37
  • Emmons, Shirlee, and Wilbur Watkin Lewis.  Researching the song: a lexicon.  (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006).  Music Reference ML102.S6 E46 2006
  • Goleeke, Tom.  Literature for Voice. Volume II: An Index to Songs in Collections, 1985-2000.  (Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2002).  Music Reference ML128.S3 G644 2002.
  • Hopkin, J. Arden.  Songs for Young Singers: An Annotated List for Developing Voices.  (Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2002).  Music Reference ML132.S6 H67 2002. 
  • Kagen, Sergius. Music for the Voice: A Descriptive List of Concert and Teaching Material. (Rev. ed.) Ref. ML 128 .V7 K3 1968

Browsing the Music Library's Collection

Because printed music and books are classified--i.e., grouped with similar items on the shelves--browsing can be an effective method for finding material. Look on the shelves under the following numbers.

  • 71 = Folk and popular songs
  • 75 = Solo art songs
  • ML1400-ML3275 = History of vocal music
  • MT820-MT893 = Instruction, methods

Finding Printed Music, Recordings of Particular Compositions, and Information


Any or all of the following methods may work:

  • Do a TITLE search in WNCLN's Library Catalog ( Use original language if known.
  • Do a KEYWORD search in WNCLN's Library Catalog , using the most distinctive word in title.
  • Do an AUTHOR search in WNCLN's Library Catalog , and go to title "Songs" to find collections of the composer's works.
  • Look in the larger work of which your piece is a part (i.e., do a TITLE search in WNCLN's Library Catalog (  for the complete musical, opera, oratorio, or song cycle; use original language if known
  • Look for title in an index of song collections: 
    • DeCharms and Breed. Songs in Collections: An Index. Ref ML 128 .S3 D37
    • Sears, Minnie. Song Index. Ref ML 128 .S3 S31 1966 [Be sure to look in both the main section and the supplement. ]
    • Havlice, Patricia. Popular Song Index. Ref ML 128 .S3 H4 [Also look in the three separate supplements. ]


Do a SUBJECT search in WNCLN's Library Catalog (, using terms found in Library of Congress Subject Headings, e.g.

  • Songs (Medium voice) with piano
  • Sacred songs (High voice) with instrumental ensemble


  •  Do a SUBJECT search in WNCLN's Library Catalog using the term "Singing."



  • The N.A.T.S. Journal
  • Journal of Singing
  • Journal of Voice
  • Opera News
  • Opera Quarterly

Online Tools for Research

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