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Streaming Video: Streaming Video

Do we have the film? Can we get it?

If you have a film in mind, look in APPsearch or in our catalog. 

If a search shows we do not have it, ask us for it.  Contact your subject librarian.  We check the Library catalog, check Swank, Kanopy, and Docuseek2 (see below), and then do a web search on: "movie title" streaming.  Sometimes it's easy and inexpensive to get a library version.  Other times, the movie is available streaming to individuals, but not for libraries.

Swank, Kanopy, and Docuseek2 streaming films have an expiration date, and we do not automatically renew.  Our catalog records include the expiration date, if there is one.  Swank films almost always expire the next January 1st or July 1st.  Please check this and let us know if you need a film that's expiring.

Questions or requests.  Contact your librarian.

Requesting Films

Usually our streaming videos are available when you need them, just as our other electronic resources (databases, journals, ebooks) are. 

Three exceptions are Swank, Kanopy, and Docuseek2 collections.  Swank movies must be requested by faculty and are then available for students through specific AsUlearn courses only.  Kanopy (Kanopy's catalog) and Docuseek2 films (catalog) are usually requested by faculty (and could be added to AsULearn).

We will also consider buying streaming rights for other films, usually to support specific classes.  However, many films are not available in a format friendly to libraries.

Contact your subject librarian.

Video Collections -- Available for Immediate Viewing

Public Performance Rights

Swank does NOT give PPR.  Swank links are for use in AsUlearn only.

Also see the guide for Swank feature films

These must be requested by faculty for viewing through AsULearn.