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Public Health: Overview

Databases, for Finding Journal Articles

APPsearch, on our main page, is useful for many searches.  It will search most of the databases listed below.

For most important health problems, there should be a recent systematic review of all studies.  Try including the phrase "systematic review" or just "review" in your search.

Maybe also, for specific public health topics, use specialized databases like:

Search variables, and getting full text

1. words and phrases (and I mentioned subject headings)

2. Use one or two more databases.  Take advantage of different coverage and ranking algorithms.

3. Other, but especially cited  (in introductory paragraphs mostly) and Cited by (in Google Scholar and elsewhere too).  Cited by __.

Getting full text.  I mentioned using Google Scholar, but also try .  Add a DOI number to .    You can also ask me (wiswellj@) or try out our Interlibrary system (if you have a day or two).

Zotero -- a free citation management app

Some of our journals for Public Health

Women and Health

Location of Books

We have more ebooks than physical books for Public Health and this is true for most areas.

  • R for Health Sciences
  • RA for Public Health

Nearly all items with call numbers starting with R will be located on the third floor of the Belk Library.

Health Sciences Librarian

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John Wiswell

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