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Physician Assistant: Wake Forest PA Program @ Boone

Fall 2020!

Need help? I'm available: email wiswellj@, Zoom, chat, appointment, (with 6 ft. spacing) at Levine 542F or Library, wherever.   Zoom by appointment.  Email if these times don't work.

Basic Library Links -- Appalachian State University

Physician Assistant Resources @ Appalachian

The link to Wake Forest's resources for Physician Assistants is just to the left.

This list is based on Wake Forest's list.  But Appalachian does not have exactly the same access as Wake Forest.  If you do not find a databases or full text from one library, try the other also.  (For journal articles, I always check the Web also.)

Contact -- John Wiswell

John Wiswell  
Health Sciences Librarian       
Levine Hall 542F & Belk Library 225  (828)262-7853
Available for students, faculty, and staff. 

Other ASU Belk Library Information

Getting Full Text!

Our Find@ASU button in our article databases takes you to electronic full text, if we have it. 

Find@ASU button that tries to take you to full text

Still not getting full text?  Many full text articles are available for free in some form.  If you have a distinct article title or a DOI, try a quick search in Google Scholar (and Google).  We also have ILLiad to get articles from other libraries.  NEW -- Try Unpaywall.

Access to 2 libraries but also other libraries

Remember that if you need full text to an article or you need a book, you have access to both the WFU Carpenter Library and ASU Belk Library.  Check both and check the web for free versions too. 

If the article you need is not available through either library or the web, you also have interlibrary service through both libraries.  My colleague, Dianna Johnson, does a great job getting articles and they usually come in about 24 hours.  Also books, dissertations, and other resources, though those take longer.  We also buy things as needed, including articles.  So consider setting up and using an ILLiad account.  We have a link to ILLiad on our main page and also the Find@ASU button offers that when we do not have a subscription.

Welcome to AppState and Belk Library; Primal Pictures / Anatomy.TV; Odd hours library managers;

Be sure to say hi to our library managers and student-workers, especially if you'll be a regular in our building.  (One more way to make yourself at home.) 

Managing the library: Sharon Taylor (late night), Angela Howell (Saturdays and Tu-Sa evenings), and Russell Paige (Sundays and M-Th 'til midnight). 

Also, I don't always check my email, but it's worth a try evenings and weekends.