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NUR 4033 or 4100 -- Nursing Research: Overview

Spring 2021

Need help? I'm available: email wiswellj@, Zoom, chat, appointment.  Make appointment (for now, be very clear if you want in person appointment) Email if these times don't work.

I'm back at Belk Library mornings and at Levine afternoons, a few hours each place.  Ask for me or make an appointment.

Essential Nursing and Health Databases

For finding articles.

More Databases for Nursing

Getting Full Text!

Our Find@ASU button in our article databases takes you to electronic full text, if we have it. 

Find@ASU button that tries to take you to full text

Still not getting full text?  Many full text articles are available for free in some form.  If you have a distinct article title or a DOI, try a quick search in Google Scholar (and Google).  We also have ILLiad to get articles from other libraries. 

Need help?

See the Nursing guide.

Need extra help?  Contact me, 

Are you using the New York University EBP tutorial?  Here are some notes on it, regarding resources available to you.


We have lots of books and ebooks on Nursing research (ebooks only).  This one looks good.  It focuses on outcome measures.

Contact -- John Wiswell

John Wiswell  
Health Sciences Librarian       
Click here for an appointment.  Contact me by email if these times do not work.
Levine Hall 542F & Belk Library 225  (828)262-7853
Available for students, faculty, and staff. 

A few recent questions

Having problems with accessing full text of articles?

Hey, I'm interested in examples when you cannot get full text that it appears we should have.  My testing shows our linking is working pretty well, but it helps to get examples with details when things are not working.  We also have a "Report a Problem" page that goes to my colleagues Allan and Andie.     Thanks, JohnW,

Does APPsearch include articles found in CINAHL and PubMed?

Use CINAHL and PubMed for most of your needs.  I like APPsearch and Google Scholar too.  But CINAHL is a Nursing-friendly world.  And PubMed is what you will most easily have available throughout your career.

APPsearch does include CINAHL.  A lot of the top results for the searches you do will be from CINAHL.

A more complex answer about MEDLINE--
APPsearch kind of searches PubMed.  It searches MEDLINE.  MEDLINE is the main component of PubMed.  There are about 24 million journal article records in Medline, and PubMed contains them all, plus about 3 million other records.  Where I really notice the difference is for recently published articles.  If an article is published today, it will be in PubMed tomorrow, but it might take a couple of months to get into MEDLINE and APPsearch.
Also, a lot of articles that show up in APPsearch are in two or more databases.  Usually they only display once.  So a result might show that it's from CINAHL, but it also is in MEDLINE or a range of other databases.

Problem with Ovid Journals

7/30/2018 -- Our Find@ASU linking to this important set of journals is not working.  I'm sorry for the nuisance, but here is a temporary solution.  If you are trying to access an Ovid journal (also called Wolters Kluwer), use this link into the entire set of journals.  Then search on the article title.

8/2/2018 -- I'm still seeing this problem.  I think in almost all cases this is a problem related to Ovid's slowness but that can sometimes be resolved by clicking through the sequence a second time.  Changing browsers (and clearing history/cleaning your cache) has worked at times also.  Or use the link into Ovid below and search there.

I'm sorry about the obstacles all year.  Thanks for hanging in there.  Maybe we'll see the golden age of information access someday. For now, Go App Nurses!   --JW

How to keep up with research after you graduate?

Congratulations graduates!

  • PubMed will always be available, and the free abstracts are reasonably informative.  This is the free version of PubMed, that is not linked to Library subscriptions.
  • The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), NICE (from the UK), and other countries' agencies continues to summarize and appraise the evidence.  AHRQ 1, AHRQ 2, NICE 1, NICE 2
    • (July 2018 -- The National Guidelines Clearinghouse has been taken down by AHRQ.  Unfortunately.  Look for it on another site this fall 2018.)
  • Cochrane has a free website and offers many of their reviews for free.
  • Many research articles (had been up >50%, but I think that's fallen again) become available for free on the web in the months after their publication, due to requirements of funding agencies and the cooperation of publishers and universities.  Google Scholar is useful for finding most of these.
  • Consider signing up for the AHEC Digital Library.
  • Ask a librarian.  I do what I can, within the law and licenses, for alumni and community.