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Music Education Guide: Home

Basic Reference Tools



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  • Bartle, Barton K. Computer Software in Music and Music Education: A Guide. Ref. ML 128 .C62 B36
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Browsing the Music Library's Collection

Because printed music and books are classified--i.e., grouped with similar items on the shelves--browsing can be an effective method for finding material. Look on the shelves under the following numbers.

  • 73.9-73.99 = Songs for children; school music
  • ML 3830-ML 3838 = Psychology of music
  • MT 1-MT 3 = General music education
  • MT 898-MT 949 = Techniques for working with children

Finding Printed Music and Recordings of Particular Compositions

FINDING INFORMATION about music education.


Do a SUBJECT search in WNCLN's Library Catalog ( using phrase "Music Instruction and study". Other useful phrases for SUBJECT searches:

  • Kindergarten Music
  • Music therapy
  • Music in education
  • Music teachers
  • Musical ability
  • Music Psychology
  • School music supervision

Journals and Web Sites

JOURNALS (most are indexed in Music Index or ERIC)

    • American Music Teacher
    • Council for Research in Music Education. Bulletin
    • Electronic Music Educator
    • Journal of Research in Music Education
    • Music Educators Journal
    • The Quarterly: Journal of Music Teaching and Learning


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