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Moonshine and Auto Racing: A Brief Guide: Overview

Clippings Files

Both the Stock Car Racing Collection and the Appalachian Collection maintain extensive clippings files of newspaper and magazine articles. Check these files under the subjects Distilling, Illicit and also Moonshine Cars.


Find articles on moonshining and racing in databases such as the ones listed below.

The Relationship between Moonshining and Auto Racing

Resources suggested here are all available in Special Collections, Belk Library & Information Commons, Appalachian State University. More information is available about Special Collections and specifically the Stock Car Racing Collection.

Selected Resources

Bledsoe, Jerry. The World's Number One, Flat-Out, All-Time Great, Stock Car Racing Book. StockCar GV1933 B53 1995. Another copy in StockCar GV1033 B53 1975.

Chapin, Kim. Fast as White Lightning: The Story of Stock Car Racing. StockCar GV1029.9 S74 C44 1998.

Daniel, Pete. Lost Revolutions: The South in the 1950s. StockCar F216.2 D36 2000. Another copy in Belk Main Stacks, F216.2 D36 2000. See the "Fast and Furious" chapter.

Gabbard, Alex. Return to Thunder Road: The Story Behind the Legend. StockCar HJ5021 G32 1992. Another copy in Appalachian Collection, App Coll HJ5021 G32 1992.

Golenbock, Peter. American Zoom: Stock Car Racing From the Dirt Tracks to Daytona. StockCar GV1029.9 S74 G65 1994.

Golenbock, Peter. The Last Lap: The Legendary Life and Times of NASCAR's Legendary Heroes. StockCar GV1032 A1 G64 2001. Another copy in StockCar GV1032 A1 G65 1998.

Golenbock, Peter. NASCAR Confidential. StockCar GV1029.9 S74 G656 2004. See especially the chapter on Benny Parsons.

Higgins, Tom, and Steve Waid. Junior Johnson: Brave in Life. StockCar GV1032 J55 H54 1999. Another copy in the Appalachian Collection, App Coll GV1032 J55 H54 1999. See especially the chapters on his early years.

Howell, Mark D. From Moonshine to Madison Avenue: A Cultural History of the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. StockCar GV1029.9 S74 H68 1997. Another copy in the Appalachian Collection, App Coll GV1029.9 S74 H68 1997.

Moonshining in Burke County. Scrapbook collection of a law enforcement officer.

Pierce, Daniel S. Real NASCAR: White Lightning, Red Clay, and Big Bill France. Also available in additional electronic versions here and also and in print, StockCar GV1029.9 S74 P54 2010.

Thompson, Neal. Driving with the Devil: Southern Moonshine, Detroit Wheels, and the Birth of NASCAR. Also available in print, StockCar GV1029.9 S74 T46 2006.

Wilkinson, Sylvia. Dirt Tracks to Glory: The Early Days of Stock Car Racing as Told by the Participants. StockCar GV1029.9 S74 W54 1983. Another copy in the Appalachian Collection, App Coll GV1029.9 S74 W54 1983. See especially the chapter on Tim Flock.

Yates, Brock. NASCAR Off the Record. StockCar GV1029.9 S74 Y38 2004.


Videos and DVDs

The Junior Johnson Story. StockCar Video 266.

Moonshine Cars. StockCar Video 203.

Rumrunners, Moonshiners, and Bootleggers. StockCar Video 201.

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