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Better linking to full text of journal articles

Working nearly invisibly

LibKey works smoothly, so you should not even notice it.  You just arrive at your full text article.

But for a few other situations:

if you have a DOI number, use it with

(just using the https:// doi link will miss when we only have access through secondary sources: e.g., EBSCO, ProQuest, JSTOR.)

if you want to survey journals in your area, try BrowZine.

LibKey -- for better, smoother access to full text articles

July 2023

We are introducing LibKey to help with better linking to full text of journal articles.  LibKey will be present in your searches in APPsearch, other EBSCO journal databases, ProQuest, Web of Science, and PubMed, if you come through the library.  In some cases, the LibKey button might clearly be labeled as LibKey, but in others it will work through the Find@ASU button (or "Find full text" in Web of Science). You'll often still see our red and white buttons to take you to full text (every time) and our yellow Find@ASU to take you full text (some of the time), but we'll also sometimes have an additional red and white LibKey Instant PDF button that should be more consistent than Find@ASU.

Google Scholar is also set up for LibKey, but in that case it's the (sometimes hidden under >>) Find@AppState button.

One other alternative to Google Scholar is The Lens, which includes LibKey links.  (Search Scholarly Works, not Patents.  The Lens is a non-profit Open Linking search tool.)

You can also pull up the webpage and find subscribed and open full text.  This does require either the DOI number or the PubMed ID number.  Try it

Here's a DOI number you can use.  10.1080/00987913.2021.1936416 .  So try


Libkey links to full text better than our EBSCO product.  It will link to subscribed full text and Open Access full text.  Now, it's still true that not all journal articles will be instantly available.  But you'll have a better chance with LibKey.  Click the buttons.

Browzine for curated lists of journals for many disciplines

I am asked sometimes for lists of journals in scholarly fields and subfields.  With LibKey we also get Browzine.  Take a look.  Here's a good start page, to look what it shows for your field. 

Where LibKey should especially help

LibKey should especially help:

If you're not searching in APPsearch or other EBSCO databases, and you're looking for a journal that we only have through EBSCO.  Most notably APA journals, but there are a wide range of these that we only have through EBSCO.   When we add LibKey, this should make it easier to work in PubMed, Web of Science, and ProQuest databases. Also easier in Google Scholar (and one of GS' main competitors, The Lens, includes LibKey links as a standard).

Accessing Open Access articles, in some OA journals, but especially the scattered OA articles mixed in with paywalled articles, in "hybrid" journals.

Anywhere else where LibKey recognizes that we have full text, but the other direct red and white links are not going to appear.

EBSCO only journals -- some examples

APA: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Educational Psychology, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Diversity in Higher Education

ASHA: Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups, American Journal of Audiology

Other: North Carolina Historical Review, British Journal of Nursing, Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, Harvard Business Review, American Journal of Bioethics

Open Access journals

Open Access articles -- examples

Taylor & Francis Hybrid and Bronze OA articles, 2022-

Nature Hybrid and Bronze OA articles, 2022- , excluding Nature

Actually, I'm not certain about the "Bronze" OA articles, since they will not have confirmation of an OA license in their metadata.  We'll see.

You may also use the page with DOI numbers.  (I'll be using that when I spot something while on my phone.) 

Sharing articles should be easier.  Here's one example using,

Bartsch, Kendall. 2022. “Emergence of New Public Discovery Services: Connecting Open Web Searchers to Library Content.” The Serials Librarian 82 (1–4): 127–30.
This link does work also, which is not always the case.  But this is one that our Find@ASU missed, since this journal is not usually available to us.  The article is Open Access in a hybrid journal.
LibKey Nomad
You can get the LibKey Nomad extension in your browser.  In that case, when your browser displays something that LibKey recognizes as a journal article, you will be offered links.  You'll see these in different kinds of websites, including Wikipedia.

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