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IMC Kits, Models, Posters, Games, and Manipulatives: Home

What's In This Guide?

This guide contains a sample of kits, models, posters, games, and manipulatives available through the IMC.

The guide is organized by subject:

  •      Math
  •      Language Arts
  •      Social Studies
  •      Science

Searching the Catalog

Screen shot of Advanced Search page.  The search term "plants" is entered in the search box.  The location is limited to ASU IMC and Material Type Lis limited to Game and Kit.There are additional materials not in this guide located throughout the non-fiction sections of the IMC stacks.  You can search for them in the catalog.

Using the Advanced Search:

  • Enter your search terms
  • Limit Location to ASU IMC
  • Limit Material Type: This type of resource will be cataloged as Game, Kit, Map, Picture or 3-D Material.  Select any or all of these types for your search.  (Use the CTRL key to chose multiple selections.)
  • Submit your search



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The Instructional Materials Center is a model Pre-K–12 school library media center located on the lower level of Belk Library.