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Health Sciences: Researching Health Topics

Highlighting a Few Journals on Health

Best Databases for Health

There are many other choices: PsycINFO, SportDISCUS, and more.

APPsearch (on main page) contains most of these, so it's advantageous to search them all together there, sometimes.

It's a good practice to start by looking for reviews.  Include the word "review" or the phrase "systematic review" with your other search words.  PubMed, CINAHL, and PsycINFO allow you to limit results to only systematic reviews.

Searching For DOIs

Have a DOI and need to find out the article?

Type or paste a DOI name (e.g., 10.1000/182) into the text box below.

You can also use Google Scholar, PubMed, or APPsearch, and they will work much of the time.

Health Reference Sources -- Symptoms & Tests


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Grey Literature

Reference Sources for Health Topics