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Health Care Management: MHA Students

MHA Students

This guide for Healthcare Management really starts on this page.  But here's the link to Library's PubMed.

Library guide for Health Statistics & Data Sets

Library guides for Business: includes guides for Company Information and Industry Information.  You can also use these pages to access Business and Economics resources.

MHA Textbooks Fall Semester

Fall 2022

I don't know if you're using exactly the same books as previous Fall Semesters, but these ebooks still are available.  The "3 users at a time" means that only 3 people can have the book open at one time.  Please be sure to close the book after you've used it. if you have questions.

HCM 5680:

Lombardi, D. and Pynes, J., 2012. Human Resources Management For Health Care Organizations: A Strategic Approach. 1st ed. John Wiley & Sons.     Library ebook link

HCM 5700 (Spaulding):

Oaks, P. and Watters, A., 2020. Health Information Management, Concepts, Principles And Practice. 6th ed. American Health Information Management Association.                No library access

HCM 5590:

Pruitt, Z., Smith, C. and Pérez-Ruberté, E., 2020. Healthcare Quality Management: A Case Study Approach. 1st ed. Springer Publishing Company.                    Library ebook link (3 users at a time)

HCM 5570:

Reiter, K., Song, P. and Gapenski, L., 2020. Gapenski's Healthcare Finance. 7th ed. Health Administration Press.    Library ebook link

Pink G.H., Song P.H.  2022. Cases in Healthcare Finance. 7th Edition”; Health Administration Press.  Library ebook link.


HCM 5610 (Roy):

Santerre, R. and Neun, S., 2012. Health Economics: Theories, Insights, And Industry Studies. 6th ed. Thomson South-Western.

No library access

HCM 5210:

Shi, L. and Singh, D., 2017. Delivering Health Care In America. 7th ed. Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Library ebook link (3 users at a time)

MHA Textbooks Spring Semester

HCM 5270

Bolman & Deal. 2017.  6th edition.  Wiley ebook link.  (We also have 7th edition of this, in case that ever helps.)

HCM 5530 / CHS 5530

Johns 2017.  No library access for this one.

HCM 5535 / CHS 5735

Langameer & Helton. 2020.  3rd edition.  ProQuest eBook Central ebook link.  This one has a limit of 3 simultaneous users.

HCM 5575

Gapenski & Reiter.  2021. 7th edition.   No library access for this one.

Pink & Song.  2018.  6th edition.  EBSCO ebook link.

HCM 5720

White.  2016.  No library access for this one.

HCM 5725

Houston.  2017.  2nd edition.  No library access for this one.  But the library now has the 3rd edition, which appears not to have deleted any 2nd edition chapters.  They might be updated, so be careful.  T&F ebook library link..

HCM 5730

Yuki & Gardner.  2020.  No library access for this one.

Dye & Garman.  2014.  ProQuest ebook link.

HCM 5740

Berkowitz. 2017.  4th edition.  No library access for this one.  But here is the library link fo the 5th edition.  Not an exact substitute.

Pozgar.  2016.  12th edition.  No library access for this one.  But the library does have this 13th edition ProQuest ebook, which is limited to ony one single simultaneous use.  (Please do not check it out.)

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