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Virtual Reality and Gaming: Game Development

Gaming and Game Development

Learn about game play and development at the Belk Library.  For more resources, check out our Helpful Links and Resources page.

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Gaming as Storytelling

Telling stories has crossed into gaming as well. Use the tools available in the Game Development Room and consider creating a short game using one of the following programs:

Digital Storytelling

Stories can be told digitally in a number of ways; everything from short videos to comics. Below are a couple of programs that can help you with digital storytelling. 

2D Game Creation

2D Game Creation

There are tons of free programs that support 2D game creation.  Here are a few that are recommended:

Game Maker Studio

Use this software to create detailed 2D games in the style of classics like Final Fantasy and Zelda.  There is a free trial version available, as well as paid versions that allow you to publish your games on various platforms.

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Create a game without knowing how to code with Stencyl.  Another great tool for beginners, this program helps the user create for desktop and mobile devices.

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Adventure Game Studio

Import game elements into the studio to create your own game.  This program is exclusive to Windows.

Construct 2

Construct 2 is another popular creation platform.  A free version with feature limitations is available for download.

3D Game Creation

3D Game Creation

AutoDesk Maya

Create characters and environments for 3D gaming.  Available in the Digital Media Studio.


A free, open source program that enables the user to create 3D models, environments, and meshes.  

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Another professional level game software platform, Unity (sometimes called Unity3D) is a more advanced program.  A version with limited features is available for free. This program is also available for use in the Game Development Room.


Unreal Engine 4

One of the most famous 3D game design platforms, Unreal is now available for free.  This is not a beginner level program, but is intended for professional grade game design.

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High quality 3D models for game development or 3D printing.  Some free models, but mostly pay per item.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Game Creation

Game Development Room

Game Development Room

The Game Development Room is available to students, staff, and faculty to check out and play video games in the library, using one of three gaming systems installed in the room: an Xbox, Wii U, or Playstation 4. The room can be booked for a maximum of 2 hours and is located on the Lower Level next to the Inspire Maker Lab (008).

If you need help with any of the equipment please contact the Technology Services team at 828-262-8681.

What's in the room?

The room has the following:

How do I check out controllers, games, and access to the consoles?

All are available in the Game Development Room.

Is the gaming equipment available when the library is open 24 hours?

No, the equipment is available during the hours the Inspire Maker Lab is open.

How can I reserve the room?

You can reserve your time slot using our room booking system.