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Novel Lover: Finding Fiction You'll Love: Overview

How to find more books similar to those you have read and enjoyed.

Web Sites with Current Reading Suggestions

NoveList Plus. Database that leads you to titles based on your reading preferences.

AllReaders.Com. Search by genre.

Fiction DB. Great for one-stop shopping.

Fiction-L Booklists. Cat mysteries? Find them (and much more) here.

Gnooks. Who do you like? Gnooks will suggest similar authors and titles.


Guides to Sequels and Prequels in Fiction

Husband, Janet. Sequels: An Annotated Guide to Novels in Series. PN3448 S47 H87 2009.

Jacob, Merle. To Be Continued: An Annotated Guide to Sequels. 2d ed. Reference PN3448 S47 J33 2000.

Simkin, John E. The Whole Story: 3000 Years of Sequels and Sequences. Reference PH3448 S47 S55 1996.

Tell Me a Story: How to Find the Books You'll Really Like

If you like to read novels and short stories but have a hard time finding just what you will enjoy most among the thousands (millions?) of possiblities, this guide is for you. Use the resources listed here to zero in on the titles that fit your reading interests.

The titles on this page guide you to fiction of all types. If you prefer a specific genre (science fiction, mysteries, etc.), also click on the tabs along the top of this page for more suggestions.

The Best of the Best

Too many options, not enough time? Try these guides to find the top fiction.

ALA Notable Books for Adults. Annual list that includes both fiction and non-fiction.

The American Book Awards. Annual awards by the Before Columbus Foundation for outstanding literary achievement.

Lesher, Linda Parent. The Best Novels of the Nineties: A Reader's Guide. PR881 L47 2000.

Pearl, Nancy. Book Lust: Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason. Z1035.9 P38 2003.

Pearl, Nancy. Book Lust: Recommended Reading for Travelers, Vagabonds, and Dreamers.Also available in print, Z6004 T6 P39 2010.

Pearl, Nancy. More Book Lust: Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason. Z1035.9 P38 2005.

Pearl, Nancy. Now Read This III: A Guide to Mainstream Fiction. IMC 016.80883 P359 2010.

Pearl, Nancy. Now Read This: A Guide to Mainstream Fiction, 1978-1998. Another copy: IMC Reference 016.80883 P359.

Saricks, Joyce G. The Readers' Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction. 2d ed, 2009. Also available in paper, Z711.5 S27 2009.

App State Online

Distance education students have access to a wide array of Library services and resources. See the App State Online library guide for details.


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