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ENG 5000: Bibliography and Research

Introduction to the Guide

This guide for ENG5000 Bibliography and Research is meant to aid in meeting the skill sets and goals as follows:

D.   Electronic Research Methods.

Goal 1:  To master (and get in-depth practice with) online searching skills that are applicable to the varied research databases you might need while taking other literature, theory or pedagogy courses.

Goal 2:  To become extremely familiar with a variety of research databases and computer programs used within the discipline of English.


E.    Bibliography and Research Methods (non-electronic)

Goal 1:  To increase your ability to conceptualize specific, original and sophisticated research questions and research projects from more general areas of interest.

Goal 2:  To obtain a basic introduction to the resources used to find specialized, rare, or unpublished research materials, including early reviews and criticism.

Goal 3:  To compile and assess a comprehensive list of research materials on a subject in preparation for the kind of research you will do for a large research paper or M.A. thesis.

The guide is organized to reflect the weeks laid out in the syllabus. Each week features an introductory video, segments related to each topic point, and an activity for practice and reinforcement.

The last page of the guide will look to more directly connect these specific topics with completing the pathfinder assignment.

If at any point you need help, guidance, a sounding board, etc. please don't hesitate to email me,, or schedule an appointment using the profile box on the right.