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Music Library Study Rooms: How to Book & Policies

Music Library Study Room Policies

Booking a Study Room

Here is information on how to book a study room and the policies for room usage in the Erneston Music Library

How to book a Study Room

  • Select the room you want to book
  • Select the times you wish to start your room reservation for
  • Use the drop down menu to select the time you wish your reservation to end (15 minute increments)
  • If your are asked to sign in it is your AppState username and password
  • Click "Submit my Booking" 
  • You will receive a booking confirmation email

Study Room Policies

Availability: Group study rooms are available for ASU students, faculty, and staff. The study rooms are not locked and no key is required to access the rooms. Rooms are only available for use while the Music Library is open. 

Usage: Study rooms are intended for use by two or more people for group study. They are not to be used as classrooms. You may use a group study room without a reservation unless someone has booked the room at the same time. Door Windows are to remain uncovered at all times. If you need to step out of the room for an extended amount of time please let someone at the circulation desk know.

Food and Beverages: The is a no food/beverage policy in the Erneston Music Library. This applies to all Music Library spaces. Exceptions will be made for water in tightly sealing containers.

Reservations: You may only make one booking at a time. Maximum time is four hours. Someone with a reservation has preference for the room at the reserved time. If you use a study room without a reservation, we ask that you vacate the room to honor those with advanced bookings. If you enter an empty study room please reserve the room for the duration you plan to stay. It is possible to have a room your are currently using be booked by someone else. Library Faculty/Staff will honor access to the patron with email confirmation. 

  • Room 236 contains ADA equipment. Priority access will go to users who require use of this equipment. 

Cancellations: If you cannot honor your reservation, please cancel your room booking by following the link in your confirmation email. Reserved Rooms that are empty for 15 minutes will be considered abandoned and the reservation will be cancelled.

Lost or stolen items: Do not leave personal items unattended. The Erneston Music Library is not liable for lost or stolen items. 

Advance Reservations: Reservations may be made up to one week in advance. If you need a reservation further out contact someone on the Music Library Faculty/Staff.

Adverse Weather/University Closure: In the event the Music Library is closed for adverse weather or for any other reason your booking will be cancelled.

Assistance: If you need assistance with booking or clearing a study room, please come by the Music Library Circulation Desk.

By using a room patrons agree to the above policies. Music Library Faculty/Staff reserve the right to modify or cancel any reservations. Failure to follow the above policies or abuse of the study rooms/study room equipment will result in permanent banning of study room use. 

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