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Mystery and Crime Fiction: Location

A guide to printed and Internet sources of information on mystery and crime fiction, writers, organizations, and more.

If This is Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium

Most of the detective and mystery fiction published in English is set in either the U.S. or Great Britain, with a sprinkling of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Listed here are some examples of books that focus specifically on mystery and crime fiction of non-anglo countries. For others, do a subject search in the Library's online catalog for Detective and Mystery Stories, XXX (fill in the XXX with your country; for example, Detective and Mystery Stories, Spanish).

Brahm, Persephone. Crimes Against the State, Crimes Against Persons: Detective Fiction in Cuba and Mexico. PQ7382 B73 2004.

Cambridge Companion to Crime Fiction. ed. by Martin Priestman. PR830 Dr C36 2003. Chapter 4, pages 59-76, discusses French crime fiction.

Craig-Odders, Renee W., and Jacky Collins, eds. Crime Scene Spain: Essays on Post-Franco Crime Fiction. PQ6140 D47 C75 2009.

______. Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Detective Fiction: Essays on the Genero Negro Tradition. PQ6140 D47 H57 2006.

Gorrara, Claire, ed. French Crime Fiction. PQ637 D4 F74 2009.

Hart, Patricia. The Spanish Sleuth: The Detective in Spanish Fiction. PQ6140 D47 H37 1987.

Stavans, Ilan. Antiheroes: Mexico and Its Detective Novel. Trans. by Jesse H. Lytle and Jennifer A. Mattson. PQ7207 D48 S83 1997.

Tani, Stefano. The Doomed Detective: Contribution of the Detective Novel to Postmodern American and Italian Fiction. PS374 D4 T36 1984

Tannert, Mary W., and Henry Kratz, eds. and trans. Early German and Austrian Detective Fiction: An Anthology. PT1327 E27 1999.

The Scene of the Crime

Listed here are sources that identify the geographic and cultural settings of mystery and crime novels.

Brunsdale, Mitzi M. Encyclopedia of Nordic Crime Fiction: Works and Autors of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden since 1967. PT7083.t B78 2016.

Geherin, David. Scene of the Crime: The Importance of Place in Crime and Mystery Fiction. PS374 D4 G395 2008. Geherin focuses on the novels of fifteen authors, including Walter Mosley (south central Los Angeles), Kaarl Hiaasen (south Florida), and Sara Paretsky (Chicago).

Hagen, Ordean A. Who Done It? A Guide to Detective, Mystery, and Suspense Fiction. Z5917 D5 H3. Includes a subject guide to mysteries, which identifies novels by general setting (Christmas, sports, etc.), as well as a "scene of the crime" guide to geographical settings.

Hanson, Gillian Mary. City and Shore: The Function of Setting in the British Mystery. PR830 Dr H36 2004. Analysis of 18 novels set in the city and 15 by the shore.

Hausladen, Gary. Places for Dead Bodies. PS374 P57 H38 2000. Essays on selected authors and locations, such as the Navajo county of Tony Hillerman, the Australian Outback of  Arthur Upfield, and the Victorian England of Anne Perry. The focus is on police procedurals.

Hubin, Allen J. Crime Fiction II, A Comprehensive Bibliography 1749-1990. 2 vols. Z2014 F4 H83 1994

Kramer, John E. Academe in Mystery and Detective Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography. PS374 D4 K73 2000

Linford, Laurance D. Tony Hillerman's Navajoland: Hideouts, Haunts, and Havens in the Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee Mysteries. PS3558 I45 Z76 2001

Menendez, Albert J. The Subject Is Murder: A Selective Subject Guide to Mystery Fiction. Z1231 D47 M46 1986. Lists novels by general setting, such as the circus, medical murder, and murder at sea.

Niebuhr, Gary Warren. Make Mine a Mystery: A Reader's Guide to Mystery and Detective Fiction. PN3448 D4 N537 2003. Has a subject index, which idntifies books by type of setting (medical, academia, etc.) and a locations index which lists titles by geographical setting.

Niebuhr, Gary Warren. A Reader's Guide to the Private Eye Novel. PN3448 D4 N54 1993


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