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GWS 2600: Introduction to LGBT Studies: Research

Background Searching

As you are starting to finalize your research topic or question, utilize background sources to generate ideas and keywords for more focused searching. For example, you may want to review books that broadly cover your topic or look for reference materials such as encyclopedias or handbooks. Here are a few specific resources:

Broad Searching

With a list of keywords and some background information on your topic, move toward broadly searching for information. APPSearch allows you to search many (but not all!) of our databases. Another option for broad searching is ProQuest Central which searches another grouping of databases that are not in APPSearch.

Regardless of where you search, limit your results by considering:

  • Date range
  • Source type - what kinds of sources do you want to look at such as peer-reviewed, books, news, etc.
  • Adding to or changing your search terms

Focused Searching

As you begin to learn more about your topic, focus in on particular databases that cover your content area. Consider these databases or ask a librarian for suggestions:

Social Sciences Librarian

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