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Auto Racing Trading Cards

Sets of cards featuring racing drivers, teams, owners, crew, race tracks, and more


Caffi, Alex

Cain, Craig

Caliva, Phil

Campbell, Mark

Cannon, Scotty

Capelli, Ivan

Caputo, Mario "Chip"

Carden, Billy

Cardin, Tony

Carelli, Rick

Carey, John

Carlson, Steve

Carpentier, Patrick

Carr, Jimmy

Carrier, Eddie

Carrigan, Gene

Carter, Duane Sr.

Carter, Pancho

Carter, Travis

Carver, Joe Sr.

Carver, Terron "TC"

Caspers, "Spook"

Castles, Neil "Soapy"

Champion, Cliff

Chandler, Jeff

Chandler, Michael

Chaplin, Mike

Chapman, Colin

Chase, Mike

Chassey, Steve

Chaves, Pedro Matos

Cheek, Mike

Cheeseman, Chuck

Cheever, Eddie

Childress, Richard; SEE ALSO Racing Teams

Chumbley, Clinton

Chupp, Gene

Cicci, Frank; SEE Racing Teams

Ciprich, Chuck

Clark, Jeff

Clark, T. L.

Cline, Gene

Cline, James

Cluka, Scott

Cogan, Kevin

Coil, Austin

Cole, Tommy

Collins, Gary

Colt, Mike

Colver, Mike

Comos, Eric

Combs, Rodney

Compton, Stacy

Comstock, Howard

Conder, Ted

Connell, Bill

Connolly, Mark

Connor, Dennis

Conway, Bret

Cooper, Doug

Cooper, Ronald

Cope, Derrike

Cope, Mike

Cox, Jimmy

Cox, Randy

Cox, Tom

Coyne, Dale

Crafton, Matt

Crawford, Jim

Craven, Ricky

Crider, Curtis "Crawfish"

Cronquist, Mark

Culbertson, Mike

Culler, Danny

Curry, Jim