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What is Humans Vs Zombies?

Humans Vs Zombies

Similar to tag, Humans v Zombies is an interactive game where zombies attempt to decimate the human population. Everyone is equipped with a nerf gun except for the couple of "zombies" to start off the game. Zombies can turn humans into zombies by touching a human with both hands. Humans can "kill" zombies by shooting them with a nerf gun (the zombies then go to the regeneration zone for a few minutes before they can rejoin the game). The game is over once there is a small group of humans left. Alliances and fun encouraged!

Snacks and water will be provided.



~ No running

~ No head shots

~ No crossing the yellow tape

~ Stairwells are safe zones

~ All participants should have at least one foot on the ground at all times


~ Zombies two hand tag a human to infect them

~ After being tagged, humans go to respawn zone for a 5 minute time-out, and can then rejoin the game as a zombie


~ One foam dart to the torso, or two to the extremities kills a zombie

~ Killed zombies go to the respawn zone for a 5 minute timeout and can then return to eating humans


~ The game continues until there is only one human (or a very small number) left

~ Tag your posts: #appzombies



Humans vs. Zombies at Belk Library

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