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Our latest acquisitions in Children's and Young Adult Literature, as well as Teacher Resources, are featured here. 

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New Children's and Young Adult (YA) Books in the IMC

Bábo: A Tale of Armenian Rug-Washing Day

Picture Book
By Astrid Kamalyan
Recommended: Ages 3 to 7
Pages: 32
Summary: "With bubbles and suds floating like clouds and snowflakes, Tato and her siblings help Bábo scrub the rugs clean." --From Publisher's Description


Picture Book
By Federico Gastaldi
Recommended: Ages 4 to 8
Pages: 32
Summary: "A young boy grieves when his pet fish dies, but his heart is full of good memories." --From Publisher's Description

Stickler Loves the World

Picture Book
By Lane Smith
Recommended: Ages 3 to 7
Pages: 32
Summary: "Stickler is a woodland creature who reminds us to appreciate the everyday wonders we often ignore." --From Publisher's Description

Friends Beyond Measure

Picture Book
By Lalena Fisher (Illustrator)
Recommended: Ages 4-8
Pages: 40
Summary: "Different types of charts and graphs show how Harwin's friendship with Ana will survive after she moves away." --From Publisher's Description

Will It Be Okay?

Picture Book
By Crescent Dragonwagon
Recommended: Ages 4-8
Pages: 32
Summary: "A mother comforts a child about her special fears concerning everything from a bee sting to losing a loved one." --From Publisher's Description


Picture Book
By Candace Fleming
Recommended: Ages 3 to 7
Pages: 32
Summary: "A group of forest animals vie for the same delicious red apple that is just about to drop." --From Publisher's Description

A Bed of Stars

Picture Book
By Jessica Love (Illustrator)
Recommended: Ages 4 to 8
Pages: 40
Summary: "A father takes his child on their first camping trip where he shows, under a blanket of stars, that the universe is a friendly place." --From Publisher's Description

You Go First

Picture Book
By Ariel Bernstein
Recommended: Ages 4 to 8
Pages: 32
Summary: "Cat learns that being a good friend means trying new things as well as putting others first." --From Publisher's Description

A Dress with Pockets

Picture Book
By Lily Murray
Recommended: Grades K-1
Pages: 32
Summary: "At the Fabulous Fashion Store, a young girl tries on an assortment of dresses, but none of them have what she really wants." --From Publisher's Description

Where Are the Aliens?

By Stacy McAnulty
Recommended: Ages 10 and Up
Pages: 225
Summary: "Scientists haven't discovered life beyond Earth. But there's a whole lot of outer space, and humans have searched only a fraction of a fraction of it. So do you believe in the possibility of life out there?" --From Publisher's Description

Chinese Menu

By Grace Lin
Recommended: Ages 8 to 12
Pages: 288
Summary: "Separated into courses like a Chinese menu, these tales--based in real history and folklore--are filled with squabbling dragons, magical fruits, and hungry monks. This book will bring you to far-off times and marvelous places, all while making your mouth water." --From Publisher's Description

More Than a Dream

By Yohuru Williams
Recommended: Ages 10 to 14
Pages: 262
Summary: "On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his iconic 'I Have a Dream' speech during the March on Washington. It was a mass outcry for jobs and freedom NOW." --From Publisher's Description

Search for a Giant Squid

By Amy Seto Forrester
Recommended: Grades 1 to 4
Pages: 93
Summary: "Go on an adventure to the ocean's twilight zone in search of a giant squid. They are hard to find, so you will need to join the expedition and help make choices along the way." --From Publisher's Description

The Handbook of Forgotten Skills

By Elaine Batiste
Recommended: Ages 8 to 12
Pages: 101
Summary: "Fully-illustrated chapters feature the history and story behind more than thirty skills, including how to skip stones, write a thank-you note, bake a pie, and build a campfire." --From Publisher's Description

What a Map Can Do

By Gabrielle Balkan
Recommended: Ages 3 to 5
Pages: 41
Summary: "A raccoon narrator embarks on a big adventure in this exciting exploration of maps for the youngest readers. Traditional maps are joined by some less conventional ones and introduced with humor and clarity." --From Publisher's Description

Love Is Loud: How Diane Nash Led the Civil Rights Movement

By Sandra Neil Wallace; Bryan Collier (Illustrator)
Recommended: Ages 4 to 8
Pages: 32
Summary: "A picture book biography of Diane Nash, a Civil Rights Movement leader who focused on Nashville lunch counter sit-ins, peaceful marches, and other non-violent protests." --From Publisher's Description

83 Days in Mariupol: A War Diary

By Don Brown (Illustrator)
Recommended: Ages14 and Up
Pages: 127
Summary: "A story of senseless destruction, patriotism, and grit against all odds focuses on the people of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol who stayed to defend their home against Russian forces, which came with a devastating price." --From Publisher's Description

Crafting Change

By Jessica Vitkus
Recommended: Ages 12 to 18
Pages: 194
Summary: "Craftivism" means using handmade art to provoke, to interrupt, to draw attention to help others, and hopefully to spark change. Vitkus shows artists and art in action, and encourages readers to get started on their own craftivist journey." --From Publisher's Description


Graphic Novel
By Julio Anta
Recommended: Grades 8-12
Pages: 240
Summary: "After his family's deportation to Mexico, Mateo (aided by the ghost of a migrant named Guillermo) attempts a border crossing to return to the United States and finish his education." --From Publisher's Description


Graphic Novel
By Breena Bard
Recommended: Ages 8 to 14
Pages: 271
Summary: "After Julianna's rural home is destroyed, her family moves to the city where she commits to taking action in the face of climate change." --From Publisher's Description

Curlfriends: New in Town

Graphic Novel
By Sharee Miller
Recommended: Grades 3 to 7
Pages: 282
Summary: "Charlie has a foolproof plan for the first day at her new middle school. She's hiding any interests that may seem 'babyish,' updating her look, and doing her best to leave her shyness behind her. But is erasing the real Charlie the best way to make friends?" --From Publisher's Description

Ghost Book

Graphic Novel
By Remy Lai
Recommended: Grades 4 to 8
Pages: 313
Summary: "July Chen sees ghosts. But her dad insists ghosts aren't real, so she tries to ignore them. Which is incredibly difficult now as it's Hungry Ghost month, when the Gates of the Underworld open and dangerous ghosts run amok in the living world." --From Publisher's Description


Graphic Novel
By Kate Glasheen
Recommended: Ages 14 and Up
Pages: 221
Summary: "Are you supposed to be a boy or a girl? It's a question that follows Claire everywhere: on the street, in school, and even at home. But as long as they have ride-or-die best friend Greg at their side and a drink in their hand, everything will be okay. Right?" --From Publisher's Description

Nell of Gumbling

Graphic Novel
By Emma Steinkellner
Recommended: Grades 3 to 7
Pages: 220
Summary: "7th grader Nell lives an ordinary life in the magical town of Gumbling, but yearns to land her dream apprenticeship and become an artist. Unfortunately, she's assigned to boring old Mrs. Birdneck in the town archives." --From Publisher's Description

The Dreamatics

By Michelle Cuevas
Recommended: Grades 4 to 6
Pages: 311
Summary: "A fantastical theatre and its troupe perform a young girl's dreams, until nightmares take over and one devoted stagehand must bring joy back into the spotlight." --From Publisher's Description

Star Splitter

By Matthew J. Kirby
Recommended: Grades 9 and Up
Pages: 305
Summary: "2199. Deep-space exploration is a reality and teleportation is routine. But this time something has gone very, very wrong. 17-year-old Jessica Mathers wakes up in a lander that's crashed onto the surface of planet Carver 1061c and must unravel the mystery of the destruction all around her." --From Publisher's Description

Marya Khan and the Fabulous Jasmine Garden

By Saadia Faruqi
Recommended: Ages 6 to 9
Pages: 142
Summary: "When Marya's class participates in taking care of the school's new garden, Marya wants to be in charge." --From Publisher's Description


By Carl Hiaasen
Recommended: Ages 10 and Up
Pages: 323
Summary: "Valdez Jones VIII calls himself Wrecker because his great-great-great-great-great-grandfather salvaged shipwrecks for a living. So is it destiny, irony, or just bad luck when he comes across a speedboat that has run hard aground on a sand flat?" --From Publisher's Description

Gone Wolf

By Amber McBride
Recommended: Grades 7 to 9
Pages: 348
Summary: "In the future, a Black girl known only as Inmate Eleven is kept confined in a small-small room with her dog. In the present, Imogen has intense phobias and nightmares of confinement." --From Publisher's Description

Fatima Tate Takes the Cake

By Khadijah VanBrakle
Recommended: Grades 10 to 12
Pages: 267
Summary: "An aspiring baker, 17-year-old Fatima navigates the challenges of parental expectations and the complex social dynamics of her strict Muslim community while staying true to her dreams." --From Publisher's Description

Something Like Home

By Andrea Beatriz Arango
Recommended: Ages 10 to 14
Pages: 248
Summary: "Laura has a plan: no matter what the grown-ups say, she will live with her parents again. Maybe training a therapy dog for them will finally help things go back to the way they should be." --From Publisher's Description

The Scarlet Alchemist

By Kylie Lee Baker
Recommended: Ages 14 and Up
Pages: 424
Summary: "In an alternate Tang Dynasty China, aspiring royal alchemist Zilan, who has the ability to resurrect the dead, arrives in the capital to compete against the best alchemists in the country and becomes drawn into the dangerous political games of the royal family." --From Publisher's Description

All That's Left to Say

By Emery Lord
Recommended: Ages 13 and Up
Pages: 374
Summary: "Reeling from the death of her cousin, Hannah concocts a risky plan to enroll in her cousin's elite private school and find who gave her the lethal pills, but the deeper Hannah goes the more she risks losing everything." --From Publisher's Description

Find Him Where You Left Him Dead

By Kristen Simmons
Recommended: Ages 13 to 18
Pages: 260
Summary: "Four years ago, five kids started a game. Not all of them survived. Now, they've been summoned by the ghost of the friend they left for dead." --From Publisher's Description

Lasagna Means I Love You

By Kate O'Shaughnessy
Recommended: Ages 8 to 12
Pages: 360
Summary: "When 11-year-old foster kid Mo finds a handmade cookbook filled with someone else's family recipes, she collects the stories behind them and builds a website to share them. She also hopes a long-lost relative will find her and give her a family recipe all her own." --From Publisher's Description


By Donna Barba Higuera
Recommended: Grades 5 to 9
Pages: 404
Summary: "For 400 years, Earth has been a barren wasteland. The few humans that survive scrape together an existence in the cruel city of Pocatel - or go it alone in the wilderness beyond, filled with wandering spirits and wyrms. They don't last long." --From Publisher's Description

The Spells We Cast

By Jason June
Recommended: Grades 10 to 12
Pages: 342
Summary: "Sparks fly when 18-year-old Nigel meets Ori during the Culling, a competition that determines whether a magician joins the Guild. But they soon realize the connection growing between them threatens their future, the Guild, and all of humanity." --From Publisher's Description

Hidden Truths

By Elly Swartz
Recommended: Ages 10 and Up
Pages: 258
Summary: "Dani and Eric have been best friends since second grade. They bond over donuts, comic books, and camping on the Cape. Until one summer when everything changes. Did Eric cause the accident that leaves Dani unable to do the one thing in the world she most cares about?" --From Publisher's Description

Night of the Witch

By Sara Raasch
Recommended: Ages 14 to 18
Pages: 406
Summary: "Fritzi is a witch. The lone survivor of a brutal attack on her coven, she's determined to find her only remaining family member and bring the hexenjägers--zealot witch hunters--to justice for the lives they ended." --From Publisher's Description


By Charles Waters & Traci Sorell
Recommended: Grrades 5 and Up
Pages: 248
Summary: "An 8th grade English teacher creates an assignment for her class to debate whether their school's mascot should stay or change. Now six students--all with different backgrounds--get involved in the contentious issue that already has the suburb turned upside down." --From Publisher's Description


By Vichet Chum
Recommended: Grades 8 and Up
Pages: 344
Summary: "Following her Ba's deportation back to Cambodia, everything's changed for Soma: her Ma is away, and her older sister has taken charge. Meanwhile, her first video posted to social media is trending. Soma must decide: Is she brave enough to put herself out there?" --From Publisher's Description

We Don't Swim Here

By Vincent Tirado
Recommended: Grades 8 to 12
Pages: 311
Summary: "Anais tries her hardest to protect her cousin Bronwyn from the shadows of Hillwoods. She doesn't get that the lore is, well, truth: The living aren't the only ones who seek retribution when they're wronged." --From Publisher's Description

New Books for Educators and Future Educators

2024 Award Winning Books

The Eyes and the Impossible

Winner of the 2024 John Newbery Medal
By Dave Eggers
Recommended: Grades 4 to 8
Pages: 249
Summary: "Free dog Johannes' job is to observe everything that happens in his urban park and report back to the park's three bison elders, but changes are afoot." --From Publisher's Description


Winner of the 2024 Caldecott Medal
Written and Illustrated by Vashti Harrison
Recommended: Grade K to 3
Pages: 32
Summary: "Praised for acting like a big girl when she is small, 'big' becomes a word of criticism as she grows." --From Publisher's Description

Nigeria Jones

Winner of the 2024 Coretta Scott King Author Award
By Ibi Zoboi
Recommended: Grades 8 and Up
Pages: 369
Summary: "Nigeria has been raised by her father as part of the Movement. But when her mother disappears, she finds herself stepping into a role she doesn't want." --From Publisher's Description

An American Story

Winner of the 2024 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award
By Kwame Alexander; Dare Coulter (Illustrator)
Recommended: Grades K to 3
Pages: 32
Summary: "This is the story of American slavery, a story that needs to be told and understood by all of us." --From Publisher's Description

Henry, Like Always

Winner of the 2024 Schneider Family Book Award for Young Children
By Jenn Bailey; Mika Song (Illustrator)
Recommended: Ages 6 to 9
Pages: 40
Summary: "Henry, a first grader on the autism spectrum, attempts to navigate friendships and sudden changes in classroom routines." --From Publisher's Description

The Fire, the Water, and Maudie McGinn

Winner of the 2024 Schneider Family Book Award for Middle Grades
By Sally J. Pla
Recommended: Grades 4 to 8
Pages: 324
Summary: "Follows 13-year-old neurodivergent Maudie during an eventful summer in California with her father, where she struggles with whether to share a terrible secret about life with her mom and stepdad." --From Publisher's Description

Forever Is Now

Winner of the 2024 Schneider Family Book Award for Teens
By Mariama J. Lockington
Recommended: Grades 10 to 12
Pages: 398
Summary: "When 16-year-old Sadie, a queer Black girl, develops agoraphobia the summer before her junior year, she relies on her best friend, family, and therapist to overcome her fears." --From Publisher's Description


Winner of the 2024 Pura Belpre Awards for Author and Illustrator
By Pedro Martín
Recommended: Ages 10-14
Pages: 309
Summary: "Pedro Martin's grown up in the U.S. hearing stories about his legendary abuelito. Then, during a family road trip to Mexico, he learns more about his own Mexican identity in this moving and hilarious graphic memoir." --From Publisher's Description

Saints of the Household

Winner of the 2024 Pura Belpré Award and the 2024 Walter Dean Myers Award for Young Adults
By Ari Tison
Recommended: Grades 10 to 12
Pages: 312
Summary: "When brothers Max and Jay help a classmate in trouble, they struggle with the consequences of their actions and turn to their Bribri roots to find their way forward." --From Publisher's Description

The Mona Lisa Vanishes

Winner of the 2024 Robert F. Sibert Award
By Nicholas Day
Recommended: Ages 8 to 12
Pages: 276
Summary: "On a hot August day in Paris in 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre museum. This book traces the secret at the heart of the most famous painting in the world." --From Publisher's Description

Fox Has a Problem

Winner of the 2024 Theodore "Seuss" Geisel Award
By Corey R. Tabor
Recommended: Grades K to 1
Pages: 32
Summary: "Fox has a not-so-new problem, and all the other animals must come together with the ultimate fix." --From Publisher's Description

Rez Ball

Winner of the 2024 William C. Morris Award and the 2024 American Indian Youth Literature Award for Young Adults
By Byron Graves
Recommended: Ages 13 and Up
Pages: 357
Summary: "Tre sees making the Red Lake Reservation high school basketball team as the first step toward his dream of playing in the NBA, no matter how much the odds are stacked against him." --From Publisher's Description

Accountable: The True Story of a Racist Social Media Account and the Teenagers Whose Lives It Changed

Winner of the 2024 YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction
By Dashka Slater
Recommended: Ages 12 to 18
Pages: 480
Summary: "A high school student started a private Instagram account that used racist and sexist memes to make his friends laugh. In the end, no one was laughing." --From Publisher's Description

Ruby Lost and Found

Winner of the 2024 Asian/Pacific American Award for Children's Literature
By Christina Li
Recommended: Ages 8 to 12
Pages: 288
Summary: "13-year-old Ruby retraces her late Ye-Ye's scavenger hunt maps of San Francisco in an attempt to find a way out of her grief." --From Publisher's Description

The Blood Years

Winner of the 2024 Sydney Taylor Book Award for Young Adults
By Elana K. Arnold
Recommended: Ages 14 and Up
Pages: 390
Summary: "Being a Jew is dangerous for Astra. When war breaks out in her town in Romania, she must decide whether holding on to her life might mean letting go of everything else that has ever mattered." --From Publisher's Description

Remember Us

Winner of the 2024 Walter Dean Myers Award for Younger Readers
By Jacqueline Woodson
Recommended: Grades 5 and Up
Pages: 178
Summary: "While Sage prefers to spend her time shooting hoops with the guys, she's also still trying to figure out her place inside the circle of girls she's known since childhood." --From Publisher's Description

A Letter for Bob

Winner of the 2024 American Indian Youth Literature Award, Picture Book
By Kim Rogers
Recommended: Ages 4 to 8
Pages: 32
Summary: "Ever since the day Mom and Dad brought their car home from the dealership, Bob has been a part of Katie's family." --From Publisher's Description

We Still Belong

Winner of the 2024 American Indian Youth Literature Award, Middle Grade
By Christine Day
Recommended: Ages 8 to 12
Pages: 239
Summary: "Wesley's hopeful plans for Indigenous Peoples' Day (and asking her crush to the dance) go all wrong until she finds herself surrounded by the love of her Indigenous family and community." --From Publisher's Description

2023 Award Winning Books


Winner of the 2023 John Newbery Medal
Winner of the 2023 Coretta Scott King Author Award
By Amina Luqman-Dawson
Recommended: Ages 8-12
Pages: 403
Summary: "After fleeing the plantation where they were enslaved, siblings Ada and Homer discover the secret community of Freewater, and work with freeborn Sanzi to protect their new home from the encroaching dangers of the outside world." --From Publisher's Description

Hot Dog

Winner of the 2023 Caldecott Medal
By Doug Salati
Recommended: Ages 4-8
Pages: 32
Summary: "This hot dog has had enough of summer in the city! When he plops down in the middle of a crosswalk, his owner endeavors to get him the breath of fresh air he needs." --From Publisher's Description

Standing in the Need of Prayer

Winner of the 2023 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award
By Carole Boston Weatherford; Frank Morrison (Illustrator)
Recommended: Grades 1-4
Pages: 32
Summary: "The popular spiritual has been reworked to chronicle the milestones, struggles, tragedies, and triumphs of African American people and their history. The text and illustrations of this inspirational book are informative reminders of yesterday, hopeful images for today, and aspirational dreams of tomorrow." --From Publisher's Description

All My Rage

Winner of the 2023 Printz Award
By Sabaa Tahir
Recommended: Ages 14 and Up
Pages: 374
Summary: "Sal scrambles to run the family business as his mother's health fails. Noor, meanwhile, walks a harrowing tightrope between working at her uncle's liquor store and the fact that she's applying to college so she can escape him. He and Noor must ask themselves what friendship is worth." --From Publisher's Description

Listen: How Evelyn Glennie, a Deaf Girl, Changed Percussion

Winner of the 2023 Schneider Family Book Award for Young Children
By Shannon Stocker; Devon Holzwarth (Illustrator), 2022
Recommended: Ages 4-8
Pages: 40
Summary: "A nonfiction picture book biography celebrating Evelyn Glennie, a deaf woman, who became the first full-time solo percussionist in the world." --From Publisher's Description


Winner of the 2023 Schneider Family Book Award for Middle Grades
By C. C. Harrington, 2022
Recommended: Ages 8-12
Pages: 324
Summary: "Twelve-year-old Maggie's stutter causes her much heartache and only her menagerie of pets, with whom she can speak with fluidly, provide her comfort. But when she finds Rumpus, an abandoned snow leopard, in a forest in Cornwall, their chance encounter will change their lives forever." -Provided by Publisher

The Words We Keep

Winner of the 2023 Schneider Family Book Award for Young Adults
By Erin Stewart
Recommended: Ages 12 and Up
Pages: 387
Summary: "When sixteen-year-old Lily Larkin's older sister, Alice, begins to struggle with her mental health, Lily attempts to keep everything together and perfect, despite her own growing anxiety." 12 and Up
--From Publisher's Description

Just a Girl

Winner of the 2023 Mildred L. Batchelder Award
By Lia Levi
Recommended: Ages 8-12
Pages: 135
Summary: "Six-year-old Lia loves to build sandcastles at the beach, and her biggest problem is her shyness and quiet, birdlike voice. Then prime minister Mussolini joins forces with Hitler in World War II, and everything changes.  Will she ever be 'just a girl' again?" --From Publisher's Description

Where Wonder Grows

Winner of the 2023 Pura Belpré Illustrator Award
By Xelena González; Adriana M. Garcia (Illustrator)
Recommended: Ages 5-10
Pages: 32
Summary: "Three girls follow their grandmother into her garden, where they examine her collection of rocks, crystals, shells, and meteorites and learn about the marvels they reveal. Gathered together, Grandma and the girls let their surroundings spark their imaginations." --From Publisher's Description


Winner of the 2023 Pura Belpré Author Award
By Claribel A. Ortega; Rose Bousamra (Illustrator)
Recommended: Grades 4-8
Pages: 212
Summary: "Marlene doesn't understand why her curls are not considered pretty by those around her. With a few hiccups, a dash of embarrassment, and the much-needed help of her best friend Camila and cool Tía Ruby, she slowly starts to appreciate and proudly wear her curly hair." --From Publisher's Description

Burn down, Rise Up

Winner of the 2023 Pura Belpre Award for Young Adults
By Vincent Tirado
Recommended: Grades 10-12
Pages: 338
Summary: "When an urban legend rumored to trap people inside subway tunnels seems to be behind mysterious disappearances in the Bronx, sixteen-year-old Raquel and her friends team up to save their city--and confront a dark episode from history in the process." --From Publisher's Description

Seen and Unseen: What Dorothea Lange, Toyo Miyatake, and Ansel Adams's Photographs Reveal About the Japanese American Incarceration

Winner of the 2023 Sibert Award
By Elizabeth Partridge; Lauren Tamaki (Illustrator)
Recommended: Ages 8-12
Pages: 123
Summary: "Three legendary photographers document life at Manzanar, an incarceration camp in the California desert, through words and images." --From Publisher's Description

Love, Violet

Winner of the 2023 Stonewall Book Award for Children
By Charlotte Sullivan Wild; Charlene Chua (Illustrator)
Recommended: Ages 6-8
Pages: 32
Summary: "Of all the kids in Violet's class, only one leaves her speechless: Mira. But every time Violet tries to tell Mira how she feels, Violet goes shy. As Valentine's Day approaches, Violet is determined to tell Mira just how special she is." --From Publisher's Description

When the Angels Left the Old Country

Winner of the 2023 Stonewall Book Award for Young Adults
Winner of the 2023 Sydney Taylor Book Award for Young Adults
By Sacha Lamb
Recommended: Grades 7-12
Pages: 400
Summary: "Uriel the angel and Little Ash the demon are the only two supernatural creatures in their shtetl. When one of the young people from the village goes missing, Uriel and Little Ash set off to find her. But there are obstacles ahead of them as difficult as what they've left behind." --From Publisher's Description

I Did It!

Winner of the 2023 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award
By Michael Emberley
Recommended: Ages 4-8
Pages: 32
Summary: "A little creature tries again and again to learn to ride a bicycle, and all their friends help with supportive words of encouragement." --From Publisher's Description

The Life and Crimes of Hoodie Rosen

Winner of the 2023 William C. Morris Award
By Isaac Blum, 2022
Recommended: Grades 8 and Up
Pages: 218
Summary: "Hoodie Rosen's entire Orthodox Jewish community has just picked up and moved to a quiet, mostly non-Jewish town, but life isn't that bad. That is, until he meets and falls for the daughter of the obstinate mayor trying to keep Hoodie's community out of the town. Hoodie finds himself caught between his first love and the only world he's ever known." --Provided by Publisher

Victory. Stand! Raising My Fist for Justice

Winner of the 2023 YALSA Nonfiction Award
By Tommie Smith and Derrick Barnes
Recommended: Grades 8 and Up
Pages: 200
Summary: "On the podium at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, gold medalist Tommie Smith raised a black-gloved fist to protest racial injustice inflicted upon African Americans. Smith looks back on his childhood growing up in rural Texas through to his stellar athletic career, culminating in his historic victory." --From Publisher's Description

From the Tops of the Trees

Winner of the 2023 Asian/Pacific American Picture Book Award
By Kao Kalia Yang; Rachel Wada (Illustrator)
Recommended: Ages 5-9
Pages: 32
Summary: "The true story of a young girl who has never known life outside a Hmong refugee camp and a father determined to help her dream beyond the fences that confine them." --From Publisher's Description

Maizy Chen's Last Chance

Winner of the 2023 Asian/Pacific American Award for Middle Grades
By Lisa Yee, 2022
Recommended: Ages 8-12
Pages: 276
Summary: "11-year-old Maizy Chen visits her estranged grandparents, who own and run a Chinese restaurant in Last Chance, Minnesota, for the first time. As her stay unexpectedly lengthens, she makes new discoveries about her family's history. And when a beloved family treasure goes missing, Maizy decides it's time to find the answers." --From Publisher's Description

Himawari House

Winner of the 2023 Asian/Pacific American Award for Young Adults
By Harmony Becker
Recommended: Ages 14-18
Pages: 374
Summary: "Nao returns to Tokyo to reconnect with her Japanese heritage. At the Himawari sharehouse, she meets two other girls who came to Japan to freely forge their own paths. The trio become fast friends, but will they be able to hold one another up as life tests them with the challenges of being fish out of water?" --From Publisher's Description

The Tower of Life: How Yaffa Eliach Rebuilt Her Town in Stories and Photographs

Winner of the 2023 Sydney Taylor Picture Book Award
By Chana Stiefel; Susan Gal (Illustrator)
Recommended: Ages 6-8
Pages: 32
Summary: "Yaffa is a spirited young girl who grows up in a once vibrant town in Poland. She survives World War II, becomes America's foremost Holocaust expert, and creates an exhibit for the National Holocaust Museum using her grandmother's photos." --From Publisher's Description

Aviva vs the Dybbuk

Winner of the 2023 Sydney Taylor Award for Middle Grades
By Mari Lowe
Recommended: Grades 3-7
Pages: 171
Summary: "A long ago 'accident.' An isolated girl named Aviva. A community that wants to help, but doesn't know how. And a ghostly dybbuk, that no one but Aviva can see. That is the setting for this suspenseful novel of a girl who seems to have lost everything." --From Publisher's Description

Man Made Monsters

Winner of the 2023 Walter Dean Meyers Award for Teens
By Andrea Rogers, 2022
Recommended: Grades 8 and Up
Pages: 315
Summary: "Follows one extended Cherokee family across the centuries, from the tribe’s homelands in Georgia in the 1830s to World War I, the Vietnam War, our own present, and well into the future, as they encounter predators of all kinds in each time period." --From Publisher's Description

Choosing Brave: How Mamie Till-Mobley and Emmett Till Sparked the Civil Rights Movement

Winner of the 2023 Walter Dean Meyers Award for Young Children
By Angela Joy; Janelle Washington (Illustrator)
Recommended: Grades 2-5
Pages: 32
Summary: "The story of the mother of Emmett Till, and how she channeled grief over her son's death into a call to action for the civil rights movement." --From Publisher's Description

2022 Award Winning Books

The Last Cuentista

by Donna Barba Higuera

2022 Newbery Medal & 2022 Pura Belpré Award Winner

Red, White, and Whole

by Rajani LaRocca
2022 Newbery Honor & 2022 Walter Dean Meyers (Young Children) Award


by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Floyd Cooper
2022 Coretta Scott King Author & Illustrator Awards, 2022 Caldecott Honor, 2022 Sibert Honor

Fire Keeper's Daughter

by Angeline Boulley

2022 Morris Winner, 2022 Printz Winner, & 2022 Walter Dean Meyers Award (Teen) Winner


by Andrea Wang, illustrated by Jason Chin

2022 Caldecott Award Winner & 2022 Asian/Pacific American Award Winner

Mel Fell

by Corey R. Tabor

2022 Caldecott Honor 

¡Vamos! Let's Cross the Bridge

by Raúl the Third
2022 Pura Belpré Youth Illustrator Award Winner

The People's Painter

by by Cynthia Levinson, illustrated by Evan Turk

2022 Sibert Medal Winner

Last Night at the Telegraph Club

by Malinda Lo

2022 Printz Honor, 2022 Stonewall Award (Young Adult) Winner, & 2022 Asian/Pacific American Award (Young Adult) Winner

Too Bright to See

2022 Newbery Honor & 2022 Stonewall Book Award (Children's) Winner

Fox at Night

by Corey R. Tabor

2022 Geisel Award Winner 

Concrete Rose

by Angie Thomas

2022 Printz Honor

My City Speaks

by Darren Lebeuf ; illustrated by Ashley Barron

2022 Schneider Family Book Award (Young Children) Winner

A Bird Will Soar

by Alison Green Myers

2022 Schneider Family Book Award (Middle Grade) Winner

The Words in My Hands

by Asphyxia
2022 Schneider Family Book Award (Teen) Winner

Temple Alley Summer

by Sachiko Kashiwaba
2022 Mildred L. Batchelder Award Winner

How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe

by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland
2022 Pura Belpré Young Adult Award Winner


by Lisa Fipps

2022 Printz Honor

Ace of Spades

by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

2022 Morris Finalist

Vampires, Hearts, & Other Dead Things

by Margie Fuston

2022 Morris Finalist

Me (Moth)

by Amber McBride

2022 Morris Finalist

What Beauty There Is

by Cory Anderson

2022 Morris Finalist

Amina's Song

by Hena Khan

2022 Asian/Pacific American Award (Picture Book) Winner

Finding Junie Kim

by Ellen Oh

2022 Asian/Pacific American (Middle Grades) Award 

The Passover Guest

by Susan Kusel

2022 Sydney Taylor Award (Picture Book) Winner

How to Find What You're Not Looking For

by Veera Hiranandani

2022 Sydney Taylor Award (Middle Grade) Winner

The City Beautiful

by Aden Polydoros

2022 Sydney Taylor Award (Teen) Winner


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