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UCO 1200 The Monsters Within Us: Historical Dystopia

Topic Help

Think about the types of conflicts that have occurred throughout history. There have been many wars, revolutions, uprisings, coups, and government overhauls. People have conducted demonstrations, protested, and marched to fight for what they believe in and to change aspects of society. Individuals and groups have also committed injustices like genocide, human trafficking, and slavery. There have also been plagues, droughts, and environmental disasters.

Choose an event, aspect of society, conflict, etc. which closely reflects some elements of a dystopia.

Primary Sources

Primary sources are contemporary accounts of an event written by someone who was there. Primary sources are original documents and are not about other documents or accounts of the event.  Primary sources are commonly diaries, letters, memoirs, journals, speeches, manuscripts, original research, and interviews

Secondary sources interpret primary sources. Secondary sources are one or more steps removed from the event or phenomenon being described. Secondary source materials  interpret, give value to, speculate upon, and infer conclusions about the events reported in primary sources.  Most  journal articles or books are secondary sources  Media documentaries are secondary sources.

Getting Started with Background Research

Subject encyclopedias are a good starting point for researching a topic, especially an unfamiliar topic. The library provides access to hundreds of online encyclopedias, arranged here by broad subjects.

So why use these instead of Wikipedia? I suggest you use these in addition to Wikipedia, because unlike Wikipedia, the encyclopedias provided here are written by experts in a particular field, Wikipedia entries could be written by anyone; see the Wikipedia general disclaimer.

Primary Source Resources

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