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Metadata for Describing Digital Objects: More about Dublin Core

A guide for Appalachian State University faculty, staff and students who are creating metadata for a digital project

Because of its simplicity, interoperability, and extensibility, Dublin Core is a suitable metadata schema for many digital projects. Additional resources about Dublin Core are provided below.

Dublin Core Basics (video, 7:29)

In this video, Dr. Pomerantz provides an introduction to Dublin Core.

The 15 Dublin Core Elements (video, 15:35)

In this video, Dr. Pomerantz explains the 15 Dublin Core elements and touches on other key concepts such as URLs/URIs.

Extending Dublin Core (video, 4:20)

In this video, Dr. Pomerantz describes how Dublin Core can be expanded to be more specific. For example, the "Date" element can be expanded to more specifically "Date.Created" or "Date.Modified."


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