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What's in this guide

belk libraryImmigration Project Assignment:  To write a children's immigration story.

Use this guide to help you construct a real or fictional immigrant experience for your story. You may wish to consult mentor texts on the Cultures:  Immigration Stories bibliography for ideas about story formats, writing styles, and themes.

Timeline:  Outline your story

Background:  Why do people immigrate?

Genealogical Research:  Details about real people

Oral History:  How to construct one

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Why people immigrate

Thirteen reasons our ancestors migrated:

  • Religious or ethnic persecution
  • Natural disasters
  • Famine
  • Economic Problems
  • War
  • Political Strife/turmoil/oppression
  • Following family and friends
  • Adoption
  • Slavery
  • Forced relocation of Native Americans
  • Criminal incarceration/deportment
  • Not a "first son"
  • Great financial opportunity

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