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Welcome to the Library TEC 5149 review guide for APA resources.

APA Examples -- Citations, text -- Is this APA?

Copying full reference and in-text example from ASU Writing Center's APA format page

Ref      Bourque, J., Baker, T. E., Dagher, A., Evans, A. C., Garavan, H., Leyton, M., & Conrod, P. J. (2016). Effects of delaying binge drinking on adolescent brain development: A longitudinal neuroimaging study. BMC Psychiatry, 16, 1-9.

Cit        (Bourque et al., 2016, p. xx)



and here's an example of a partial paragraph.  Let's look at how it's constructed, with in-text citations.

Snippet of text of Ebert 2021, example of APA style

APA Standard Edition Introduction

Book Review example

I'm not sure this is really APA style, but this is a recent book review published in an APA journal.


screenshot of top of an APA book review


Summers, K., Crespi, B. J., & Flinn, M. V. (2022). Were humans their own most important selective pressure for cooperation and morality? A critical review of Richard Wrangham’s The goodness paradox . Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 16(2), 187–199.
But use this link off campus,

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