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RM 2310 Introduction to Administration of Leisure Services (or Rec Management): Home

Assignment -- Spring 2020

Details of your upcoming assignment that the librarian finds interesting

Your topic might be any of the topics discussed in the class.  Those I've seen have been: (1) recruiting and hiring new employees, and (2) motivating, disciplining, and rewarding employees.

Resources/references: At least 5 sources, with references in correct APA style.  At least 2 of these must be peer-reviewed journal articles.  Others can include books, interviews, podcasts, and professional magazines.  You'll need to cite your references in the text of your paper and have corresponding full references in your reference list.

Hint: Find more than the minimum, and use the best of them.

Recommended resources

I recommend that you use all of these:

(1) in APPsearch, on the main library page.  Search for books, peer-reviewed articles, and other articles separately.

(2) in Google Scholar.  This will mostly give you peer-reveiwed articles.

(3) Use SPORTDiscus.  You might want to start with SPORTDiscus.

(4) Search carefully using Google Web search (or another search engine, like DuckDuckGo), especially targeting organizations that you have identified as being useful for your profession and career.  Use site: function and limit (sometimes) to recent webpages.

APPsearch and Google Scholar


Advanced search

APPsearch logo finds books, ebooks, streaming media, and articles from several dozen databases.

Advanced search

Google with site: . Organizations that might have advice and useful information for leisure services professionals. Google with site:

4, A













USAJOBS [Search for recreation vacancies in Veterans Affairs, Army, Air Force, Navy, U. S. Military Academy, and Forest Service.]
USDA Forest Service

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