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RM 2310 Introduction to Administration of Recreation (or Leisure Services): Home

Assignment -- Spring 2022

Details of your upcoming assignment that the librarian finds interesting

Resources/references: Include at least 5 sources, formatted using correct APA style. Books, interviews, podcasts and professional magazines ("trade journals") are acceptable, but 2 peer reviewed journal articles are required. (Ensure all references are cited in text and all in text citations are in your reference list. When in doubt, cite it!)

Hint: Find more than the minimum, and use the best of them.

Hint: What used to be professional magazines and trade journals are often now your associations' webpages.  As a rule, think first of your professional organization.  What do they advise on your problem?  (They're trying to help you!)

Recommended resources

I recommend that you use all of these, but let's start with (4) and work upward:

(1) in APPsearch, on the main library page.  Search for books, peer-reviewed articles, and other articles separately.  Results will include those from SPORTDiscus.  (So why bother with SPORTDiscus?)

(2) in Google Scholar.  This will mostly give you peer-reviewed articles.

(3) Use SPORTDiscus.  You might want to start with SPORTDiscus.

(4) Search carefully using Google Web search (or another search engine, like DuckDuckGo), especially targeting organizations that you have identified as being useful for your profession and career.  Use site: function and limit (sometimes) to recent webpages.

APPsearch and Google Scholar


Advanced search


To get the full text of articles, try both the Find@Appstate link and the article title, or contact a librarian for assistance.

APA Examples -- Citations, text -- Is this APA?

Copying full reference and in-text example from ASU Writing Center's APA format page

Ref      Bourque, J., Baker, T. E., Dagher, A., Evans, A. C., Garavan, H., Leyton, M., & Conrod, P. J. (2016). Effects of delaying binge drinking on adolescent brain development: A longitudinal neuroimaging study. BMC Psychiatry, 16, 1-9.

Cit        (Bourque et al., 2016, p. xx)



and here's an example of a partial paragraph.  Let's look at how it's constructed, with in-text citations.

Snippet of text of Ebert 2021, example of APA style

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Help with APA

Also see Library guide for APA for basic formats (and Purdue OWL and Zotero's Zbib are good too).

Some possible topics, from a long list

21. Generational Differences: Challenges for the Organization in Recreation


22. Understanding Job Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Commitment in Recreation


23. Understanding, Measuring, and Controlling Employee Absenteeism in Recreation


24. Understanding, Measuring, and Controlling Employee Turnover in Recreation


25. Understanding Individual Employee Performance Factors in Recreation


26. Understanding Drivers of Employee Retention in Recreation


27. Managing and Measuring Employee Retention in Recreation


28. An Evaluation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: Has It Accomplished Its Purposes in Recreation?


29. What Is and What Is Not a Bona-Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) under EEO Laws in Recreation


30. Understanding Legal Standards Applied to Two Types of Discrimination: Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact in Recreation