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Occupational Therapy 2024: Home

Library resources for OT at Appalachian, which will start in August 2024.

New AppState Occupational Therapy program! Starting August 2024

Journals for Occupational Therapy and related fields

Here are journals for browsing, but most of the time you'll probably want to link to this content from your searches in PubMed, CINAHL, Google Scholar, APPsearch, and other search tools.
Selected Occupational Therapy journals:
American Journal of Occupational Therapy
We have full access through the latest complete issue in CINAHL, but I'll recommend we also subscribe direct through AOTA ($599).
Occupational Therapy Journal of Research: Occupation, Participation and Health
Journal of Occupational Science -- No access. We tend not to have Taylor & Francis journals ($625).
British Journal of Occupational Therapy -- current access through Sage journals
Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy -- current access through Sage journals
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy --
We only have this in CINAHL, with an 18 month delay (embargo), but we'll look at subscribing through Taylor & Francis ($1285).
Australian Occupational Therapy Journal -- current access through Wiley
Some related health sciences journals:
Disability and Health -- current access through Elsevier
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation -- current access through Elsevier
Journals of Gerontology, A -- current access through Oxford
Journals of Gerontology, B -- current access through Oxford
Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities -- No access.  Taylor & Francis ($1959)
Occupational Therapy In Health Care -- No access.  Taylor & Francis ($1246)
Physical Therapy Reviews -- No access.  Taylor & Francis ($1461)
Journal of Occupational Therapy Education -- "Diamond" Open Access journal -- access here.

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