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MGT4640 Strategy & Practice of Human Resource Management: Home

This guide is for students in Dr. Davison's class.


Give a brief background of the company. This should include:

  • A brief summary of the key events in the company’s history
  • The company’s mission & objectives
  • Key products the company makes/services the company provides
  • The industry the company is in (including SIC or NAICS codes)
  • Where the company operates and how it is structured

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Analyze the societal environment (STEEP) to identify opportunities and threats (at least 3-5 of each

Conduct an internal analysis of the company to determine its strengths and weaknesses (at least 3-5 of each)

Current Strategies

Current Strategies:

Identify the company’s current corporate strategy(ies) 

  • Classify them in terms of whether they are growth, stability, or retrenchment, and which kind (see the slide on “Directional Strategies”)

Identify the company’s current business strategy(ies)

  • Classify them in terms of Porter’s competitive strategies (i.e., cost/differentiation and narrow/broad target market)