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Zotero - Citation Management - Workshop: Setting Preferences

Use Zotero to capture and use bibliographic citation information.

Setting Preferences

Open Zotero.  It runs as a separate application. 

Open from your operating system's dock or file manager like any other program.


In the open Zotero Pane, go to Edit then click Preferences



1.  General:  Review and adjust appearance.  Most boxes in Misc and Groups are automatically checked.

2.  SyncIf you have not already registered for a free account, go to

  • Enter Username & Password 
  • File Syncing items are checked.  Enables data syncing between computers you use and account


3.  Search:  Skip.  This is a more advanced option for manipulating Search results/indexes.

4.  Export:  Skip.

5.  Cite

Styles - select style you most frequently use

Word Processor - Word or LibreOffice - this should have happened automatically.  Can also re-install if necessary.


6.  Advanced: 

  1.  General:   Resolver:     copy/paste  

  2.  Files and Folders -- Backing up is different than syncing. 

For more details on setting preferences -