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Online Learning Object Repository

Tutorial repository

This guide serves as a repository for online learning objects that can be used for instruction, marketing, etc. Everyone is decorativewelcome reuse content. The categories of content are not exhaustive and may change over time. A periodic review of content will occur in order to maintain standards and usability.

What is an online learning object?

Online learning objects are digital materials with instructional value that can be used in a variety of ways to improve teaching and learning. Per Universal Design for Learning it is optimal to present information in a variety of modalities. With this in mind a variety of learning object types are available via this guide.

How to use content? If you're unsure how to use/reuse content, please view the PDF provided below.

Any questions or comments regarding this guide and/or the content can be directed to Mollie Peuler, If you have content you would like added please email Mollie.

*All decorative images in this guide are from Pexels.