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SPE 3380 Assistive Technology in Special Education: Home


What's in this guide?

  • Research Resources: Subject Databases, Google Scholar, Professional Organizations
  • Makerspace tools for Assistive Technology
  • Disability Representation in Youth Literature
  • Additional Help

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Assignment Information

Create an electronic portfolio project for the course that contains a comprehensive organization of artifacts, resources, and information you can refer back to in future practice.

All reflections /explanations clearly describe how and why artifacts in the portfolio are included as a resource for understanding the use of AT in supporting students with disabilities in the K-12 setting. The AT portfolio includes the following sections:

About Me: Who are you and what are you studying (major)? Why are you taking this class? What prior knowledge and experience do you bring to this course regarding AT and disability? What do you hope to learn from the course? How might this course align with your future professional goals?

Reflection on Class Engagement and Learning: Detailed explanation included in previous section. You will include short reflections about learning tasks and discussions completed in class. Additionally, you will create three longer reflections that should show connections you are making across the weeks in our class and maybe in your other classes. The deeper reflections will show the depth and breadth of your learning across the semester. 

Intro to AT: what is it, what laws define it, how does it help kids with disabilities 

Effective Practices: info related to inclusive practices and creating personalized learning experiences with examples and explanations (Examples we learned about in class) 

AT Consideration, Assessments and Frameworks: Information and resources regarding the consideration and assessment processes and frameworks used in schools to make informed decisions regarding the need for AT, choosing AT, implementation, data collection, training, etc.

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