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Nursing: 1st Semester

eReference Sources, Nursing Education, Mental Health, Nursing Theory

Outline Fall 2021

Getting help

The Nursing literature -- examples and barriers

(Not talking about books, but see this search on Nursing theories.)

Searching -- 3 variables

Databases, search engines

Words, "phrases," subject headings  (PICO, Boolean AND, OR, NOT)

Other, but especially citing and cited by

Getting full text

APA and staying organized?


Things to know

  • Getting help, this guide, webpage and Databases
  • Barriers
  • Articles -- looking closely
  • 3 basic variables for searching: words, databases, links/other
  • 1 -- CINAHL and PubMed -- a slow look
  • 2 -- Keywords and phrases, broader/narrower/related, (Subject headings and MeSH)
    • Chop up your concepts. PICO
    • Boolean: AND, OR, NOT, quotation marks, parentheses, asterisks
      • nurs* NOT "nursing homes"
    • synonyms, narrower, broader, related, (not related at all)
    • relevance, title/abstract/keywords
  • 3 -- Follow citations.  Use Google Scholar to find full text and look at "cited by"
  • Getting full text -- still a 2-step process
  • Managing what you find, APA style
  • Quick look at PsycINFO?
  • APPsearch (CINAHL + MEDLINE + PsycINFO + Web of Science + the kitchen sink)
  • Books and ebooks? Nursing theor*

2020 topics

"end of life," "right to die"

"access to care"

"entry to practice"

"substance abuse," opioid

"health disparities"


"cultural competence"

emerging global health concerns

Links related to today's class


Basic Terminology

peer-reviewed = refereed = (almost) = scholarly = academic


research article: systematic review, original research (IMRAD format)

subject headings, CINAHL headings, MeSH (Medical Subject Headings)

Using APA? Yes!

Sample in-text citations: 

(Lane, 2015)        (Brackney & Fiske, 2019)

Sample references:

Simmons, L. A., Wu, Q., Yang, N., Bush, H. M., & Crofford, L. J. (2015). Sources of Health Information among Rural Women in Western Kentucky. Public Health Nursing, 32(1), 3–14.
MacDonald-Wicks, L., & Levett-Jones, T. (2012). Effective teaching of communication to health professional undergraduate and postgraduate students: A Systematic Review: JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, 10(Suppl), 1–12.

Also see:

Library guide

AppState Writing Center: Overview, Sample paper, and Header instructions.

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