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Nursing: Masters MSN

eReference Sources, Nursing Education, Mental Health, Nursing Theory

Notes for MSN Students

Frustrating searches -- a few thoughts (20 minute video, October 1st)

and a little more in PubMed

Contact John Wiswell.  828-262-7853,, web conference on request. 

1.  You will be using CINAHL and PubMed to find peer-reviewed articles.  Cochrane, Google Scholar, APPsearch, and other databases are reasonable choices also.  In Cochrane, be sure to click on the "Trials" tab to find randomized and "quasi-randomized" studies.

2.  Your results in CINAHL and PubMed will link to full text of the articles.  Well, it will link to full text for most articles you see, not all.  If the button you click does not work, try Google Scholar, contact me, and/or try ILLiad to get from another library.

3.  We have lots of ebooks and traditional physical books (that you can have mailed to you for free).

You might enjoy this study I just found today, 10/2/2020.  It's really targeted at librarians.

Hirt, J., Nordhausen, T., Meichlinger, J., Braun, V., Zeller, A., & Meyer, G. (2020). Educational interventions to improve literature searching skills in the health sciences: A scoping review. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 108(4), 534–546.   Link to full text (html)

Citation management -- Zotero

CINAHL (and all EBSCO) and Google Scholar also have useful citation tools.

Question -- Saving and organizing all those articles

One question I received:

Once I do a search and put articles in a file, how do I save that file so I can retrieve it later?Be careful if you use CINAHL folder.

One answer:  CINAHL appears to let you save articles you find to a folder, but if you do not login to an account, those will be gone when you return to CINAHL.  There are alternatives to using the CINAHL-EBSCO account, but you will be using CINAHL a lot.


Wiswell's long answer:

Possible solutions:
1. Save every article in class or topic files every time you find one.  If you only get a citation, for a time, where do you keep that?
2. Set up accounts in CINAHL, PubMed, and everywhere else you search.  Save within those.  But that leaves your articles scattered in different places.  Too many passwords!
3.  I sometimes have set up a blog or webpage and dumped everything in there.  Copy citations.  Attach PDFs.
4.  Email everything to yourself.
5.  Citation management software: Zotero, EndNote, Mendeley.  Zotero, for example, will let you save the citation (metadata) with the PDF (full text), your notes, and PubMed/CINAHL record attached.  You can look or download at  Zotero helps you do #1 fairly efficiently.  It also helps you cite as you write in APA more easily.
You might try these without committing too fast.  I'm going to have an online workshop on Zotero soon.  It's free and not too hard to start in.  They have good videos to help you get started.  Also see
If requested, I could also help you get started with EndNote.  Download here.