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UCO 1200-177 Death (and Rebirth?) of the Hippie

Mr. Natural

Cartoon of Mr. Natural pointing.

Cosmic Help, close your eyes, chant "OM"

For Library help, see box to the left of the guy in the hat.



What's in this guide

Welcome to UCO 1200: Death (and Rebirth?) of the Hippie in libraryland. 

...Really....would a hippie have a guide?  Hmm....maybe  or maybe not.  So this guide is perhaps an illusion....a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago....but dreams are useful too, right?  Go ask Alice when she's 10 feet tall (1).

If you need library help, contact me at

Find herein some essential help in completing your annotated bibliography.

(1) two fairly significant music references here.  Can you name the bands?  Answer 1

Course instructor's contact info

Brad Southard