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Library Games: Home

Virtual Tour/Scavenger Hunt

If you would like to use the Virtual Tour application for your own library, you can download the program files and complete documentation on how to adapt the software for your own use.
Download the Game Files

If you do use the software, please send us an e-mail telling us who you are and giving us a link to your application.

Information Literacy Game

The Information Literacy Game for your Library!

If you are interested in using the Information Literacy Game and adapting it to your own library, here is your chance!

All the files, images, questions, and instructions are included for download.picture of the game

 If you do use the game, please send us an e-mail telling us who you are and a link to your game.

Download the Game files


I'm in the middle of updating the programming for the information literacy game, to make it run better, be easier to use and adapt and work in all browsers.  Keep checking back for more updates.  3/27/13

Library Adventure Game

All the files, images, adventures, and instructions are included for download. I have not included the screencasts (.swf files) that were used in the game. They will not be useful because your website will look different.

If you do use the game, please send us an e-mail telling us who you are and a link to your game.
Scott Rice - ricese at
Margaret Gregor - gregormn at

  Download the Game files

Because it was created to be as flexible as possible, there is a wide range of ways in which you can use the Library Adventure Game. Feedback can be offered based on points or choices the player makes, or not at all. You can have alternate endings, have transition movies between adventures, opening and closing movies, background sound, and more.

Creating the xml file for each adventure is somewhat complex, so for that reason, I have created an XML Generator to ease this process. The XML Generator will create the XML files needed for each adventure. There is also an explanation of what the fields in the XML generator mean here. To create the configuration file, I have created a Config File Generator. All you need to do is fill in the blanks and click the button.


Jeopardy Game

picture of jeopardyIf you would like to use a simple jeopardy game for your class, you can download one here!

Open up this file in a text editor (such as notepad), change the name of the categories for single and double jeopardy, save it and you should be all set.

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