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FDN 2400: Critical Perspectives on Teaching and Learning: Finding Articles in Education

This guide provides resources to support Dr. Chris Osmond's FDN 2400 classes.

Google Scholar or Subject Specific Databases


Google Scholar Subject Databases

Using Google Scholar is similar to fishing in the ocean. You will find and catch a wide variety of fish.

  • Google Scholar offers a wide variety of articles and resources on various subjects and topics.
  • Searching in Google Scholar can result in numerous hits with many being irrelevant to your specific subject or topic.

Using a Subject Specific database is similar to fishing in the New River. The New River specializes in a smaller variety of fish, and you are more likely to catch the type of fish you want.

  • Using a subject specific database helps to focus and narrow your search resulting in more relevant hits. 

Searching Subject Databases

Basic Search

Search Tips

  • To search for an exact phrase, use quotation marks  “  “  around the phrase
    •  “achievement gap”
    • “student achievement”
    • “grade point average”
    • “standardized testing”
  • Use OR to search for similar or synonymous words
    • race OR ethnicity
    • adolescent OR teenager

Advanced Searches


Refine Your Search

Use the limit options on the left to refine your search results.


Education Databases


The following tutorials will assist you in conducting your research.