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Electronics/Robotics: Robotics

The Belk Library and Information Commons Tech Desk has a wide variety of electronics and robotics available from beginners to seasoned techies alike!

Learning About Circuits and Robotics

Ever wanted to learn how to build and program a robot?  The Belk Library has the equipment and software to help you learn to do it all! Learn new skills and explore at the Tech Desk.



Cubelets are robotic building blocks that allow the user to explore the basics of robotics by using “cubes” with different functions to construct functioning robots.  Connected by magnets, the cubes fit together to create unique robots that do whatever you can dream up!  Great for learning the basics of robotics and being able to demonstrate a variety of functions, Cubelets exposes users to engineering and computer science concepts.



Moss Robots

Create robots that can be controlled from your phone using bluetooth!  Moss robots are slightly more advanced than cubelets, and they have more capabilities.  Make various parts of the robot move and light up, while learning about the complexities of power and data sources.  Each cube color has a property, and you can mix and match them to create your robots!  Want to try it out without checking it out?  Go to the Moss robot simulator to explore the different options available!

Moss robotics




Sphero is a small, bluetooth enabled robot that allows the user to learn through free play or coding.  Great for learning the basic principles of coding in a fun way, Sphero is the perfect robot for all ages. Apps allow you to pair the Sphero with your smartphone or tablet, and start exploring. Don't have an app enabled device? Or don't want to use your own? Check an iPad out from the Tech Desk!  Using the multiple apps that work with the Sphero allows for endless ways to play and learn! App options are available in the App Store or Google Play.


Sphero is available in the IMC collection. Ask for it at the desk.


Sphero ball

Sphero Play App

Download this app first!  It allows you to calibrate the Sphero as well as learn the basic functions of the robot through "missions".  A fun and interactive app, it comes with tricks that the Sphero can perform, as well as key software information.

Sphero Play app

Sphero Edu

The perfect app to begin programming!  For beginners and experts alike Sphero Edu, formerly the SPRK Lightning Lab, offers both a simplistic 'drag and drop' coding platform as well as a code editor.  Sphero uses their own spin on javascript, one of the most popular coding languages in the world, to program!  Teach your Sphero tricks, and make it do everything from change color to jump to make sound effects.  All you have to do to get started is sign up for a free account, then get coding!

Sphero edu  Lightning Lab programs

Resources and Apps

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