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Electronics/Robotics: Circuits

The Belk Library and Information Commons Tech Desk has a wide variety of electronics and robotics available from beginners to seasoned techies alike!

Learn about Circuits

Ever wanted to learn how to draw a circuit?  Check out everything from a Makey Makey to wearable electronics at the Tech Desk!


Circuit Scribe

The perfect tool to learn circuitry, Circuit Scribe gives the user a pen with conductive ink and electronic accessories so that they can create their own circuits.  This is a great way to learn the basic principles of circuitry as well as a simple and fun way to prototype.  Once the basics are learned through Circuit Scribe, users can then take their creations to active platforms like Arduino.  Don’t have time to check it out?  Work out virtual circuits using Circuit Scribe at AutoDesk Circuits or Tinkercad Circuits.

Circuit scribe logo  Circuit scribe pen, batteries and light

LilyPad, LilyTiny, and other wearable electronics boards

Create unique garments, bookmarks, pillows and more when you use wearable electronics boards.  Use conductive thread to sew a circuit on your clothing, then using the boards you can add LED lights, sound boards and more to your cloth projects.  Sound fun?  Be on the lookout for workshops ! Or, learn about some incredible projects as well as the basics of wearable electronics by enrolling in Instructable's free online workshop, or contact Hannah Pope at for help getting started.

LilyPad Arduino board LilyPad Project


Makey Makey

Makey Makey

Makey Makey is a simple circuit board that uses the principles of basic circuitry to turn everyday objects into keyboard touchpads and combine them with the Internet.  No programming necessary! Once the Makey Makey is hooked up, you can do anything from play old school Pac Man with playdoh to play a piano with bananas. Makey Makey is a simple, yet great way for users to understand how computers function by becoming the inventors themselves.  Makey Makey is perfect for beginners to experts alike. For easy directions on how to get started, check out this tutorial from Makey Makey, then get inventing!


Makey Makey 


makey makey pacman


Image credits

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LilyPad board:

LilyPad sewing project: duniken via

Makey Makey:

Makey Makey project: Jayahimsa via flickr